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 Offers the benefits of a complete closed-chain rehab program.
Over 20 functional
exercises for upper
and lower extremities 2000
Pro Fitter and Pro Fitter Physio Kit. The Pro Fitter offers a dynamic approach to balance fitness and rehabilitation through closed-chain exercise programs for the ankle, knee, hip, back and shoulder. Independent flexing/rotating foot pads are designed for dynamic ankle strengthening and muscle balancing. The rocking base enhances balance training and proprioceptive development. Includes rocking base with flexing/rotating foot pads and six adjustable tension settings, attachable padded platform, DVD outlining applications and laminated exercise chart with over 20 functional exercises.
The Pro Fitter Physio Kit includes the previous, plus one pair of balance aides for first-time users or those with limited balance skills, and an attachable hard ankle board for early knee/ankle rehabilitation. Maximum client weight capacity: 350 lb. Ships fully assembled. Two-year limited warranty. 2000 Pro Fitter $818.95
2000A Pro Fitter Physio Kit $917.65
     Item No.
  2.5 lbs.
  5 lbs.
  7.5 lbs.
  Light Green
  10 lbs.
  Dark Green
  12.5 lbs.
  Light Blue
  15 lbs.
  Dark Blue
  17.5 lbs.
  20 lbs.
  22.5 lbs.
   25 lbs.
                                  Exercise Supplies
Total Body Conditioning
    Smart Agility Ladder.
A must-have training tool
for improving foot skills, agility,
balance, quickness and coordination.
Designed to be easy to use, easy to trans-
port and easy to store. Flat, hard plastic rungs
for safety and versatility. The S-handle design keeps
the ladder tangle free and makes it easy to set up and
put away. Each 7.5-foot segment is equipped with snaps at both ends, allowing for many different ladder configurations and directional changes in a single drill.
568796 15’ (2 Segments) 568797 30’ (4 Segments)
$85.70 $131.45
  Smart Test Adjustable
Hurdles. With clearly-
marked measurements,
these hurdles play a
critical role in injury
prevention and rehab
programs. They should be part of
any progressive physical evaluation
system for P.E. classes. Unlike stan-
dard sit-and-reach tests, Smart Test
assessments are dynamic, functional,
precise, weight-bearing movements. Easy-to-follow testing protocols are included. The tests are easy to administer and fun to do, yet they combine elements of strength, balance, kinesthetic awareness and range of motion. These hurdles feature a sturdy 3-point base that improves stability on all surfaces. Setup is quick and easy; the support leg rotates in either direction and folds flat for storage. Measurements are clearly marked on
each upright.
568798     Medium, Adjusts From 19.5”–26” $137.30
568799     Large, Adjusts From 26”–42.5”
CanDo® Jumbo WateTM Bar. The new addition to CanDo’s WateTM bar line. Easy-to-grip, comfortable foam- padded bars. Choose weights from 2.5–25 lbs. Color-coded end caps identify the weight of bar.
    Bodyblade. A
functional tri-plane
training tool de-
signed to improve
strength, balance,
coordination, pro-
prioception, power
and core stabiliza-
tion. Choose from
the 5’ Pro, which
weighs 21/2 lbs.
and has a variable
resistance level
from 1–34 lbs; the
4’ Classic, which weighs 11/2 lbs. and has a
variable resistance level from 1–22 lbs.; or the 40” CXT, which weighs only 11/4 lbs. and has a variable resistance level from 1–8 lbs. All Bodyblades come complete with a professional instructional video and exercise wall chart.
550836 Bodyblade Pro $262.60
550837 Bodyblade Classic, Black $136.35
550839 Bodyblade CXT $80.75
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547
fax 1.800.547.4333
  Exercise Supplies
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