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                                                                Exercise Mats   Exercise Supplies
                   TheraBand® Exercise Mats.
Made of high-density polyethylene,
a lightweight non-PVC material, the
mats’ fabric-like surface is water-
proof, wear resistant and designed
for repetitive use by therapists and
in fitness clubs. Easy to care for, they are washable with soap and water. They also include pre-drilled hanging holes and two elastic straps for easy storage options.
The exercise mats now come in six varieties, all 75” long. The two thicker mats provide more cushion for rehab applications, and thinner mats offer utility for routine fitness work. Three different widths are available in the most common user-preferred sizes, with the widest mats well suited for use with exercise balls.
Rainbow Mat. Folds into 2-foot sections, with a 2” Velcro® strip along the edge to connect multiple mats. Polyethylene foam is firm and rigid, yet light, portable and foldable. The mat is durable and rugged. Latex free.
    24”W x 75”L x 0.6”H
   24”W x 75”L x 1”H
  40”W x 75”L x 0.6”H
       2205A     4’ x 4’ 2205B     4’ x 6’ 2205C     4’ x 8’
CanDo® Eco-Friendly Folding Mats. Folds
in the center to minimize storage and transporta- tion. 100% toxin free, zero VOCs or off-gas. Hypoallergenic, latex free, mold- and mildew-proof, 100% recyclable with
no leaching chemicals. Conforms to
California Fire Retardant Code 117
T.B. Royal blue.
562476     4’ x 6’
562478     4’ x 7’
562477     5’ x 7’
562479     6’ x 8’
CanDo® Exercise Mats. Durable, lightweight exercise and treatment mat with handles folds in the center for portability and storage. 2”-thick firm foam will not bottom out. Covered with reinforced vinyl-coated nylon. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
$219.20 $271.70 $321.20
  Densifoam® Mat.
Offers more shock absorption than conventional 4” mats. High-density foam provides durability and resilience. 5-year guaranteed against sagging. Vinyl coating is nonflammable; resistant to mildew and acid. Wipe the antibacterial covering clean with a damp cloth. Folds for easy storage. Reinforced handles for transport or hanging storage. Latex free.
Easy to move within your facility
   2200A     4’ x 6’ 2200B     4’ x 7’ 2200C     5’ x 7’ 2200E     6’ x 8’ 2200F     6’ x 10’
$280.20 $335.10 $416.25 $450.40
$346.34 $395.32 $473.29 $618.03
  Densifoam Mats fold for storage
Reinforced nylon webbing handles
 Folding Exercise
Mat. All-purpose
lightweight mat retains
original thickness and
shock absorbency.
Velcro® fasteners con-
nect sections to form
larger surface. Folds
into 2’ sections for easy
storage and handling.
Constructed of polyethylene foam covered in durable vinyl-coated nylon. Coating is flameproof, antibacterial, mildew-resistant and non- absorbent. Clean with damp cloth. Red and yellow. Latex free. 2206A 4’ x 4’ $216.90
2206B     4’ x 5’ $236.10 2206C     4’ x 6’ $255.95
A972110     4’ x 6’
  Tri-Fold Mat
with Handles. Easy to carry and
store; ideal for use in classroom or clinic for
exercise or rest. High-density 1” urethane foam is covered
with a 14-oz. laminated vinyl that is tear resistant, flame retardant and antibacterial. Red and blue. Latex free.
960007 6’L x 2’W x 1”H $150.50
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