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Exercise Supplies
   Fitter® Combo Board. The Combo Balance Board gives you the option for
five different ways
to improve balance. This high-quality birch plywood board with in- terchangeable fulcrums is a low-cost option
for all levels of balance trainers, from seniors to athletes, and is suited for both home and clinical use. Three different fulcrums at 6°, 9° and 12° make the wooden board a single-plane rocker with varying degrees of difficulty. One multi-directional fulcrum, round and 10°, provides a greater challenge in multiple planes. Fulcrums easily swapped out and safely secured with custom bracket and VELCRO® Brand fasteners.
TheraBand® Rocker and
Wobble Boards. Offer
an unstable and sensory-
stimulating surface designed
to facilitate balance and
proprioceptive training and
automatic postural reactions.
The square Rocker Board and
round Wobble Board provide
balance training for rehab, post-rehab conditioning, and fitness applica- tions. Stimulating pressure points enhances sensory perception, response and overall postural control. Both balance boards are made of black molded plastic with a specially designed tactile surface on the top, and an anti-skid surface on the bottom. They are easier to pick up, move and store than heavier wooden boards. Includes instruction manual. 554299 Thera-Band Rocker Board $106.99
553599 Thera-Band Wobble Board $106.99
                 925091 $139.75
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   Fitter® Rocker & Wobble Boards. Measuring 20” square, the beginner Rocker Board is designed for single-plane move- ments and has a maximum angle of 14°. Intermediate Wobble Board features adjustable-tilt angles of 10, 12 and 15° and a 360° range. Advanced Wobble Board features adjustable-tilt angles of 15, 17 and 20° and has a 360° range. Five-inch polyurethane hemisphere spins off easily to accommodate 3/4” spacer that varies the tilt angles of Wobble Boards. Latex free. 532701 20” Rocker Board (Beginner) $111.05
 532702 20” Wobble Board (Intermediate) $100.00 532703 16” Wobble Board (Advanced) $99.00 532704 Kit of 3 Boards & Stand $330.55
               Rolyan® BEEP® (Balance Enhancement Exercise Program) Board. Features a slip-resistant surface and foam to cushion the impact of weight shifts. The side-to-side rocking motion promotes weight shifting and lateral bal- ance reactions to help reduce the fear
of falling and increase self-confidence. Lightweight uniaxial plastic board is 21/2”H for patient safety. Board measures 16” x 25”. 300-lb. weight capacity. A852001 $203.45
   CanDo® Vestibular Rocker Boards.
Rocking on these boards simulates bal- ance control and vestibular responses. Boards are covered with non-slip mate- rial. Choose from side-to-side, end-to-end motion or one that goes both ways. 566507 30” x 60” x 12”, Side to Side
566508 30” x 60” x 12”, Forward/Back $252.50
566509 30” x 60” x 12”, Combination $333.30
566510 18” x 18” x 5”, Combination $131.30
Economy Wobble and Rocker Boards.
Wobble Board measures 14” in diameter. Rocker Board measures 15” x 18”. Non- skid surface.
Wobble Board
561300 Beginner Rocker Board
561304 Intermediate
$39.13 $40.94
            Exercise Supplies

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