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                                     Pinch Gauges
               Baseline® Hydraulic 50-lb. Pinch Gauge. Measures tip, key and
palmer pinch scores with repeat- able accuracy. Dual scale shows both pounds and kilograms to 50 lb./22.7 kg. Comes with a carrying case for portability and storage. Two-year warranty. 7481 $352.45
Baseline® Lite
50-lb. Hydraulic Pinch Gauge. Lightweight and
reliable, this hydraulic version has the same dimensions as a regular pinch gauge. Metal pinch pad has been replaced by lighter material. Unit comes in protective carrying case. One-year warranty. 081542752 $317.10
Baseline® Pinch Gauge. This preci- sion instrument
records isometric lateral, chuck or tip pinch in pounds and kilo- grams. The red pointer stops at the maximum pinch recorded for the highest degree of accuracy. Pinch jaws are 7/8" (2.2 cm) wide and approximately 3/4" (1.9 cm) thick. Includes carrying case. Latex free.
                                                                               081546860 Case for pinch gauge 7485 0-60 lbs. (0-27 kg) $323.15 7486 0-30 lbs. (0-13.5 kg) $323.15 927009 0-10 lbs. (0-4.5 kg) $323.15
       Jamar® Hydraulic Pinch Gauge. Unique design frees the client
to perform a true pinch pattern because the therapist, not the client, supports the weight of the gauge. Devoid of artifact. Red indicator needle remains at maximum reading until reset. Measures pinch force to 45 lbs. Includes instructions, handy carrying case and one-year warranty. Latex free.
749805 $271.95
Jamar® Digital
Pinch Gauge. This
digital pinch gauge
has an easy-to-read
LCD display and
features an electronic
zero calibration
system. The push-button console includes a button to zero the last reading stored in memory and two toggle buttons used to accurately store up to 99 readings. Handy wrist strap and one 3V battery in- cluded. Measures 10" x 5" x 2" (25 x 13 x 5 cm).
         081504265 $252.45
Jamar® Pinch Gauges. Precision gauges designed to give accurate readings of isometric tip, key and palmar pinch strength. Measures in pounds and kilograms. A red pointer remains at the client's maximum effort.
B&L Engineering® Pinch Gauges.
The original mechanical pinch gauges designed and manufactured by B&L Engineering since 1967. “The Black Pinch Gauge Known as the Gold StandardTM” and the one most often cited in research literature. Dual
scale shows pounds and kilograms. Provides accurate key, tip and palmar pinch strength testing within 1% of full scale. CE marked. Includes B&L Engineering Certificate of Calibration
$282.75 and two-year warranty.
081594464 0-10 lbs. (0-4.5 kg) gauge 081594472 0-30 lbs. (0-13.6 kg) gauge 081594480 0-60 lbs. (0-27 kg) gauge
         081543545 0-45 lb. (0-20.4 kg) gauge A8533 0-10 lb. (0-4.5 kg) gauge $282.75 A8531 0-30 lb. (0-13.6 kg) gauge $282.75 A8532 0-60 lb. (0-27 kg) gauge $282.75
$383.75 $383.75
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