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                                                                  Stethoscopes Evaluation
      Paramount Lite Stethoscope. An affordable, general exami- nation stethoscope with patented, two-tone chest piece design. Superior sound transmission. Includes stethoscope ID tag and extra set of ear tips. Latex free.
555511 $58.55
Bowles Stethoscope. Lightweight, single-head stethoscope. Chrome-plated zinc chest piece with a (15/8") diaphragm, tradi- tional raised-stem design. Adjustable, chrome-plated aluminum binaural with PVC eartips. Flexible 22" (55.9 cm) PVC Y-tubing. Quality sound transmission. Available in black tubing only. Overall length: 32.5" (82.9 cm). Lifetime warranty. Latex free. 081570209 $7.80
Dual-Head Stethoscope. Economical, with a chrome-plated, dual-head chest piece and one-piece, molded 22" (56 cm) PVC tubing for excellent sound quality and transmission. Lightweight with adjustable binaurals for a comfortable fit. Built-in rubber non-chill ring. Latex free.
8646 Black $16.70 927023 Blue $16.50 927024 Aqua $16.50 927025 Red $16.50
BV Professional Dual-Head Training Stethoscope. This two- channel black stethoscope provides accurate sound transmission to student and instructor. The dual-head chestpiece converts from a diaphragm to an open bell head with a single turn of the stem. Black. Latex free.
563240 $24.50
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