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                                   Bladder Scanner & Doppler Vascular Assessments Evaluation
  ViewBladder 10. Tablet-based, ultrasound imaging system for measuring post-void residual urine. The easy-to-use device displays
an image of the bladder, allowing the user to calculate the volume of retained urine. ViewBladder 10 is a complete battery-operated system. Proper use of ViewBladder 10 reduces unnecessary catheterizations, lowers rates of urinary tract infections, decreases spending on absorbent products and enables your clinic to rehab more than 80% of urinary-incontinent patients in 45 days or less. Includes ultrasound imaging probe, ViewSonic 10" tablet and bladder imaging software with embedded training videos.
• Post-Void-Residual
• Incontinence Rehab
• Post-Operative-Urinary-Retention
• Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm Screening
• Tablet Based – Low Cost
• Quick, Accurate, Bladder Volume
• Real-Time Images
• BestAccuracy
• Embedded Training Videos
081563824 ViewBladder 10 $5,000.00 081584861 ViewBladder 10 Carrying Case
  See page 171 for carts for the ViewBladder 10.
New updated version now includes training videos
 Vascular Assessment Units. Multi-Dopplex® II and Mini-Dopplex® include stereo headphones, ultrasound gel, neck cord, carry pouch and user manual. The probe contains a sensitive transducer head together with sophisticated electronics to gen- erate the Doppler sounds. Four probes are available for vascular examinations when ordering the Multi or Mini Dopplex. 4MHz transducer is used for very deep lying blood vessels; 5MHz is a general purpose probe; 8MHz is for examining peripheral/ superficial blood vessels; 10MHz is used for specialists superficial applications where very high sensitivity is required. Latex free.
Multi-Dopplex® II. This bi-directional Doppler is the most advanced hand held Doppler unit in the world. It provides advanced vascular and obstetric capabilities. Features true separated audio output, separated bi-directional LCD display, RS232 digital interface, waveform gain control, 5 level waveform calibration function, auto shut-off and active noise reduction. Latex free.
900218 $1,767.00
Mini-Dopplex®. Non-directional Doppler is a low-cost pocket unit providing all standard features of a traditional Doppler. Ideal for leg ulcer management and can be used with a wide range of vascular probes. Latex free.
900221 $1,104.00
Diabetic Foot Assessment Kit. Ideal for assessing the neuropathic and ischemic foot for diabetic patients. Allows clinicians to measure Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI); measure Toe Blood Pressure Index (TBPI); detect neuropathy. Includes Multi-Dopplex® II, 8MHz Doppler probe, sphygmomanometer, arm/ankle cuff, small toe cuff, 10 g. monofilament, educational video, ABPI &,TBPI guide, tube of gel and headphones. Latex free.
555558 $2,315.00
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