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                                 Speech     Communication
E-Z Call Universal /
Quadriplegic Nurse
Call Switch with
Cord. Touch pad call
switch enables clients
with limited move-
ment to summon help
easily. Can be placed
on bedrail with hook
& loop strap or near
client’s head, hand or
foot. Plug on the call
switch (4130) con-
nects directly to the
jack on the portable
alarm or into an
existing call system.
Battery-powered Portable Alarm (413001) is used with the call switch for home use or where a central call system is not available. Operates on standard 9-volt battery (not included). Includes 10’ cord and 1/4” phone plug. Latex free.
                       4130 Call Switch with Cord $101.00
orders. Consists of
three, 81/2” x 11”,
heavy-duty picture
cards that present basic concepts in a clear, easy format to evaluate whether a more sophisticated and expanded communication system is needed. Includes one 50-sheet pad of letters and numbers and two 50-sheet pads of symbolic representations of familiar items and conditions.
413001 Portable Alarm
Health Care Communication Boards. Allow clients to communicate medical, physical and emotional information. The 70 pictures, alphabet and numbers on disposable cards can be used in long- or short-term situa- tions—at the bedside, in therapy sessions or left with clients. Packaged in four tablets of 50 dispos- able boards only. 081534288 $65.60
Allows clients with limited movement to summon help
Communicard Trio. Used to meet a variety of different needs such as pa- tients in isolation, foreign language
413001 patients, people who are ventilator
dependent, in intensive care or post-surgery, as
4130 well as people with neurological dis-
563118 $41.61
The Daily Communicator®
is made for the adult or
older child with the ability
to read at a word level. The
Picture Communicator® fea-
tures over 300 uncluttered
pictures. Standard pocket size
is 31/2”W x 6”L; intermediate is
7”W x 9”L. Enlarged versions are ideal
for people with vision problems. Latex free. 4052 The Daily Communicator $46.95 405201 Intermediate Size Daily Communicator 405202 The Picture Communicator $46.60 405203 Intermediate Size Picture Communicator
4052 405203
$46.45 $46.45
      EZ Communication Board.
Augmentative design encompasses all the various dynamics involved in the simple and direct communication that is needed by patients who are unable to speak. 11”W x 17”L.
081565811 Each $23.50 081681972 Box of 50 $1,004.95
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547
fax 1.800.547.4333

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