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                                   Exercise Cardio Cycles
Life Fitness Elevation Discover Bikes. The Elevation
Series combines superior biomechanics, thoughtful, user- friendly design and a high level of connection and engagement for both the facility and exerciser. Recumbent Bike features a step- through design which allows users to easily get on and off, and navigate around the bike. Recumbent seat offers deluxe back support and is easily adjustable from a sitting position. Upright Bike features advanced ergonomics with multiple adjustments to make riding com- fortable for almost every exerciser. Knee-over-pedal-spindle (KOPS) alignment reduces pressure on the knees. Chose from the SE Console with a 19” touchscreen and media apps like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, RunSocial or the SI Console with Internet connectivity and entertain- ment options on a 10” integrated LCD touch screen.
081692276     SE Recumbent Bike $8,112.35
081692292     SE Upright Bike $7,625.00
081692342     SI Recumbent Bike $5,322.01
081692359     SI Upright Bike $4,885.00
Life Fitness Activate Series Bikes. Activate Series
cardio equipment is suited for both new exercisers and workout veterans. Bikes are ideal for facilities seeking intuitive functionality and extremely reliable performance. Clear, simple instructions make it easy for any exerciser to get on and go. The recumbent bike features a relaxed body position and step-through de- sign that combine to create an inviting cardio workout. Upright bike has dozens of seat adjustment positions; optimal pedal positioning ensures nearly every exerciser can find an ideal riding position. 081692565     Recumbent Bike $2,704.61
              081692573     Upright Bike
        RB6000 Recumbent Bike. Featuring cordless, self-
powered technology with a hybrid generator and maintenance-free drive system, the RB6000 Recumbent Bike is built for optimal performance. Wide, step-through design with easy-glide, one-hand adjustable seat combines with a variety of exercise pro- grams and 16 resistance levels to provide safety and comfort, and to engage users of all abilities and sizes. Smooth Motion TechnologyTM delivers a quiet, comfortable and smooth ride. Intuitive LED with du- rable, quick resistance shifter, one-button quick controls and reading rack/tablet holder. Convenient dual bottle holders are easily acces- sible from seated position.
7100453 $3,295.00
Precor® AssuranceTM Series 615 Bikes. Self-powered
bikes are designed for maximum comfort, ease of use and an exceptionally efficient workout experience. Designed for easy mounting and to appeal to a wide range of exercisers of all ages, the recumbent bike features a step-through design with a low, 4” step- over height. Also includes an ultra-comfortable recumbent seat back and custom-designed air flex seat with ventilated panel and unique suspension system for a cool, cushioned ride. The upright features custom-designed, over-molded handlebars with integrated hand- held heart rate contacts, three ergonomic riding positions: (upright, cruising, road), a redesigned saddle, intuitive pop pin seat adjustment to easily change seat height and improved knee-over-pedal spindle (KOPS) geometry for efficient pedaling.
081691815     RBK 615 Recumbent Bike $3,019.50 081691849     UBK 615 Upright Bike $2,689.50
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