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   Item No.
 Small 7”– 8” (18 – 20cm)
 Medium 8”– 9” (20 – 23cm)
  Large 9”– 10” (23 – 25cm)
        Item No.
 Medium 8” – 101/2” (20 – 26.7cm)
  Large 103/4” – 13” (27.3 – 33cm)
                                  Splinting Dynamic Mobilization Splints & Components Pre-Formed!
           Rolyan® Dynamic Wrist Splint.
Prefabricated splint is easily adjusted for wrist flexion or extension. Amount of traction can be changed by rotating wheels in the hinge and amount of tension can be adjusted with an allen key. Splint is made from Polyform®, which is easily modified with a heat gun or hot water. Includes straps and instructions. Can accommodate extra small through extra large wrists. For size, measure circumference of the palm around its widest area. Some as- sembly required. Latex free.
         Rolyan® Incremental Wrist Hinge. Can be free moving with
end range blocking or static to help prevent stress on healing ten- dons and nerves. Adjustable from full extension to full flexion in increments of 10° marked on hinge. Used for wrist fractures and dislocations, fractures at the base of the MCPs, stiff wrists or wrist contractures and following tendon and nerve repairs and carpal tunnel release. Excellent for four-strand tendon repair protocol. Hinge attaches to two-part splint base to position the wrist in the desired amount of flexion or extension. Adjustment screw provides simple hinge adjustments. Includes metal wrist hinge, adjustment screws and attachment screws. Hinge, which must be placed on the radial side, attaches with a screwdriver. Length is adjustable. Thermoplastic material and strapping sold separately. Not recommended for severe spasticity. Includes instructions. Latex free.
  A352101 Left A352100 Right
$67.55 $67.55
Phoenix Wrist Hinge. Allows dynamic and ac- tive wrist extension or flexion when attached to a thermoplastic splint base. Especially useful for stiff wrists when active extension is absent or de- creased. Kit includes one wrist hinge, 3 mounting screws with thumb nuts, 10 adjustable nylon fasteners and one hex wrench. Splinting material, straps, rubber bands and springs sold separately. Latex free.
927203 $78.75
   LMB Pronation Supination Splint. Comfortable, lightweight and easy to apply for S/P colles fracture and forearm/elbow injury resulting in limited supination. Can be used for static or dynamic therapy and for a slow, gentle stretch in conjunction with heat therapy for an affordable home therapy program. Not indicated when spasticity is present. Ships fully assembled. For size, mea- sure from olecranon to the wrist crease. Universal left or right. Latex free.
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