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        Matrix ROM Recumbent Cycle. The ROM system was developed by Kenneth W. Johnson, M.D., MS, an expert in Physical Medicine
& Rehabilitation, due to lack of effective equipment for helping his patients recover Range of Motion. Using the MATRIX ROM system, patient rehab times are reduced by days and patients are up, moving and functional faster than with any other known rehab method- ology or technology. As documented in a clinical study conducted at Labette County Medical Center, the ROM system:
• Enables post-op knee patients to comfortably reach 90° ROM and be discharged to home days sooner than patients using other methodologies.
• Saves facilities thousands of dollars per patient per day of earlier discharge.
Other observable benefits of the ROM system include:
• Clinically significant improvement of measurable outcomes in-
cluding pain, ROM, edema, proprioception, return to unassisted gait activities, functional independence (FIM Scores), strength- ening, conditioning, and psychological wellbeing.
SCIFIT Upright and Recumbent Bikes. Step-through access al- lows easy entry without lifting the leg over a center support. These bikes offer very low starting resistance and feature the Intelli-FitTM console with integrated assessment programs and the ability to record workouts on a USB flash drive. The bikes are equipped with the Iso-Strength (isokinetic resistance) program for safe, accommo- dating resistance. The ISO7000 and ISO7000R feature bi-directional resistance for complete lower body exercise. Premium Seat on recumbent bikes features forward/back and up/down adjustments, plus recline up to 23 degrees and 360 degree swivel. All adjustment levers on Premium Seat are accessible from both sides of the seat. It is 18”W and can be removed easily for wheelchair accessibility. Upright Bikes
925058     ISO1000 Upright Bike $2,990.00
925080     ISO7000 Upright Bike with bi-directional resistance
ISO1000R Recumbent Bike with Premium Seat
ISO7000R Recumbent Bike with Premium Seat and bi-directional resistance $4,852.00
     Spirit Medical Bikes. Measures and displays left and right power, en-
couraging patients to maintain symmetry. Adjustable pedal cranks enable a clinician to adjust the bike to accommodate a patient’s range of motion capabilities. This includes independently, single side or bilateral adjustments from a limited range of motion as small as 15 degrees through full range of motion. Clinicians are able to input desired knee flexion angles and the software will suggest the pedal and the seat fore/ aft position. Bi-directional resistance from 5 to 1750 watts. Recumbent has multiple seat adjustments including 8-position swivel seat for ease of patient ingress and egress, 6-position recline seat back for hip angle adjustments and fore/aft positioning. Upright features multiple up/down and fore/aft seat positions set with hand-tight, positive locking knobs. Neurological Pedal Set features a heel cup, toe strap and heel strap. Bikes require 120V AC to operate.
081694934     Upright Bike $3,605.09
081694942     Recumbent Bike $4,635.41
081694967 Neurological Pedal Set $298.75
See page 57 for specifications.
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