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    Inside Tank Dimensions
   Outside Tank Dimensions*
  Accommodates Sheets of Splinting Material up to 24" x 18" (61 x 46 cm)
   241/2"L x 181/2"W x 5"H (65 x 47 x 13 cm)
  281/2"L x 21"W x 7"H (72 x 53 x 18 cm)
      Item No.
 Inside Tank Dimensions
  Outside Tank Dimensions
  191/2"W x 117/8"D x 41/2" (49.5 x 30.2 x 11.4 cm)
   231/2" x 14" x 7" (59.7 x 35.6 x 17.8 cm)
  To increase the lifetime of stainless steel, consider the following:
1. Use the proper tools. Be sure to use non-abrasive tools when cleaning stainless steel. Soft cloths and plastic scouring pads will not harm the steel’s layer.
2. Clean with the polish lines. When visible lines are present, always scrub in a par- allel motion to them. When lines cannot be seen, use a soft cloth or plastic scouring pad.
3. Rinse, rinse, rinse. If you use chlorinated cleaners, you must rinse, rinse and wipe dry immediately. After wiping down, allow air dry to keep stainless steel’s passivity film.
Recommended Cleaners for Specific Situations
 Situation Cleaner Comment
 Routine Cleaning 4 Soap, Ammonia, Detergent, Medallion 4 Apply w/cloth or sponge
 Fingerprints & Smears 4 Arcal 20, Lac-O-Nu, Ecoshine 4 Provides barrier film
 Stubborn Stains/Discoloration Grease & Fatty Acids, Blood Restoration/Passivation
4 Cameo, Talc, Zud, First Impression 4 Rub in direction of polish lines 4 Easy-Off, De-Grease It, Oven Aid 4 Excellent removal on all finishes 4 Benefit, Super Sheen
                                                               Splinting     Splint Pans
   Heat Pan with Sliding Lid. This pan allows for customizing how much of the water is exposed at any one time. Slide one part of the lid partially or
all the way to the end of the pan. Lid won't interfere with hanging cabinets. Each one of the two sliding lids can be lifted off the pan separately if needed. Stainless steel tank. Stainless steel rim does not get hot. Drainage hose in- cluded. One-year manufacturer's warranty. MET Lab listed and CE conforming. 726320 $2,403.00
*Add 2.5" (6.4 cm) to longest outside dimension for drainage spout.
Portable, space-saving design
Portable Forma-SplintTM Pan. Stainless-steel pan maintains consistent tem- perature between 150-190°F (65.5–87.7°C). Weighs 31 lbs. (11.6 kg) empty. Includes grounded, hospital-grade plug, drain valve and hose assembly.
600 watts. MET Lab listed and CE conforming. 120 volts. 1-year manufac- turer's warranty. Hinged lid. 21" (53.5 cm) with lid open.
Little Splint Pan. The first of its kind. The Little Splint Pan has durable stainless steel construction and extremely fast heat-up time, making it the only ultra-portable splint pan capable of meeting the most demanding routines for hospital or clinic use. Accommodates splinting sheets up
to 81/2" x 12". MET Lab listed. Outside dimensions: 53/16"H x 16"W x 101/2"D. Inside dimensions: 13"L x 91/2"W x 21/4"H.
081537760 $442.00
Now with stainless steel rim
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