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    11/16" serrated
Bandage Scissors. 7" (18 cm) stain- less steel blades with plastic tip. Ideal for fracture brace trimming. Right handed. Autoclavable to 143°C or 289°F.
A37190 $24.20
 Lister Bandage Scissors with Clip.
Lower blade has safety tip. Latex free. 564312 41/2" (11.4 cm) $9.05 564313 51/2" (14 cm) $10.05
   See page 574 for Rolyan® Quickcast “2” and page 575 for Orficast
 Lister Bandage Scissors. Ideal for cutting gauze or bandages. Stain-resistant steel, blunt sided utility scissors resist corrosion and rusting. Autoclavable. Latex free.
Right Handed
7277 51/2" (14 cm) 727701 71/2" (19 cm) Left Handed
553226 51/2" (14 cm)
$17.15 $17.15
                                                   Splinting     Bandage Scissors
     Bandage Scissors. Feature double wide loop to fit forefinger and middle finger for easier use. 8" (20.3 cm). Dark-handled scis- sors are made in Germany from stainless steel. Latex free.
081615673 $152.46
Kretzer® Bandage Scissors. Unique 5" bandage scissors are designed for cutting bandages without the fear of cutting the patient’s skin. The blades are more rounded than those of Mayo scissors for added pa- tient comfort. For right- or left-handed use. Latex free.
081558931 $22.20
Innovative design
Kretzer® Bandage Scissors. Unique design facilitates cutting of bandages. The blades are more rounded than those of Mayo scissors for added patient comfort. For right and left handed use. Latex free. 551728 $21.20
Can be used with QuickCast 2
Cast Scissors for Serial Finger Casts.
Highest-quality German stainless steel. 31/2" (9 cm) long. 1/2" (1.3 cm) slant design on the cutting surface provides excellent force while increasing patient safety during cast removal. Can also be used for cutting su- tures. For right or left hand. Latex free. A37130 $90.45
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