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         Rolyan® QuickCast “2”.
This improved tape is ideally
suited for serial splinting or
casting of fingers, as well
as for pediatric applications.
It can be applied directly to
the patient’s skin and pro-
vides for a low profile splint.
QuickCast “2” sets faster
than casting material and
does not require undercast
padding. It can be removed
with cast scissors (A37130)
and does not require a cast
saw. Heat with a hair dryer
(sold separately). Latex free.
564310 QuickCast “2” 1” x 4yd (2.5cm x 3.7m) 081686468 QuickCast “2” 2” x 4yd ( 5cm x 3.7m) $23.50 56431011 Mini-Hair Dryer $29.25
   Blue Label
  Green Label
 3” x 15” (7.8 x 38.1cm)
 4” x 15” (10.2 x 38.1cm)
  5” x 30” (12.7 x 76.2cm)
 5” x 30” (12.7 x 76.2cm)
     Item No.
 2” x 3 yd. (5cm x 275)
 3” x 3 yd. (8cm x 275)
  4” x 5 yd. (10cm x 115)
    Item No.
 2” x 3 yd
  3” x 3 yd.
 4” x 3 yd.
 6” x 3 yd.
                                  Splinting   Casting: Plaster of Paris & Quick Cast® “2”
   Specialist Extra-Fast Plaster. Ready-cut lengths to save time. Ease of moldability makes the Extra-Fast Plaster ideal for either arm or leg splints or casts. Green label sets in only 2–4 minutes, blue label sets in 5–8 minutes. Weight bearing in 24 to 48 hours. Box of 50. Latex free.
OLC Plaster of Paris. Ideal for applications requiring a strong cast. Made from specially treated plaster, uniformly spread and bonded
to the fabric for extra strength. Sets within 2–4 minutes. Produces smooth, attractive cast finish. Box of 12 rolls.
Cellona Plaster-of-
Paris. The original European plaster has been labeled
“The Cream of the Crop“ by pro-
fessionals. The rich, extra creamy
texture easily shapes to the most
complex anatomies, smoothes
around any surface and molds for
reinforcing without creating compres-
sion points. The smooth finish creates a better mold. Plaster-of-Paris features easy application: the end of the roll goes on as smoothly
as the beginning. The patented, vented green core allows water to circulate through the interior of the bandage eliminating troublesome dry spots; the core prevents collapse or telescoping. Rapid wet-out and consistent extra-fast set times reduce time required during appli- cation. The plaster generously coats the gauze to maximize the initial and final strength. Box of 12 rolls.
Cast Stand. Offers support for the patient’s arm or leg while the
limb is being casted. Height adjustable from 12” (30.5cm)
to 22” (56cm). Stand can
be disassembled into two
pieces for storage. Includes drip bucket. 8” (20cm) foam roller can be removed. Latex free. 081615665 $216.85
           Plaster Bucket. Large wax-coated disposable bucket holds 165 oz. (4.88 liters). Leakproof. Latex free.
551403 $10.60
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547
fax 1.800.547.4333

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