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                                                                  Sizing Guide Ortho Upper Helpful tips for finding the proper support size for your patient
          MCPs or MPs width (across not around). If possible, place the hand, palm down on a piece of paper. Put a dot on that paper at each side of the MCPs (index finger/pinkie finger). Remove hand and measure the distance between those two dots.
MCPs or MPs circumference. Loosely measure with a tape measurement around the MCPs (knuckles of index finger to pinkie finger).
Palm circumference or circumference of hand through web space. This is similar to the MCP circumference, except it is below the MCPs, and fol- lows the palmar crease. It does not include the thumb.
Wrist circumference. Loose measurement taken around the wrist joint.
   Forearm circumference. Taken at specific distance from the elbow joint or at the largest part of the forearm. Measure loosely around the forearm.
Acromion to acromion. Across mid-point of capula is the acromion; from top bump on the outside (lateral) ends of the shoulder blade to acromion drop down the mea- suring tape to go over the middle of the shoulder blades.
Bicep, mid-humerus or 4" above elbow circumference. Measure around the largest part of the upper arm.
Shoulder width. The width from edge of shoulder to edge of shoulder across the back.
    Neck Circumference
       Chin to shoulder
 Chin to jaw. Take a measurement with a ruler from the center of the chin, in a straight line to the “corner” of the jaw. This measurement is referred to as “A.” See the photo above.
Chin to shoulder (neck height). Takes a little creativity to take without having the person turn their head. Often a therapist will use two rulers. Place the first ruler under the chin and angle it so it is over the shoulder. Then, with the second ruler, measure from the first ruler to shoulder, following the chin to shoulder measurement in picture.
Neck circumference. Measure loosely around the neck.
 Note: Loose measurement means that the tape measure rests on the skin and does not indent the skin.
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