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  Premium Seat with height adjustment, swivel and recline
     Item No.
      Recumbent Stepper
  Lower Body Lateral Stabilizer
      Hand Wrist Stabilizer
                                  Exercise Cardio Recumbent Steppers
   Optional Assist Optional Leg Gloves Stabilizers
SCIFIT StepOne. User-defined stride length from 2” to 11.5” and optimized, 1:1 arm-to-leg ratio to promote natural move- ment. Arm length adjustments and rotating hand grips provide user comfort and custom fit. Premium Seat features forward/ back and up/down adjustments, plus recline up to 23° and swivel 360°. All seat adjustment levers are accessible from both sides of the seat. Seat is 18”W and can be removed easily for wheelchair accessibility. Overall: 68”L x 30”W x 48”H.
Features include:
• Low starting resistance (6 watts) with 20 levels adjustable in
0.1 increments, providing 200 levels of resistance.
• Direct wheelchair access along with step-through seating and
grab bar for easy on and off.
• The small footprint plus integrated transport handle and
wheels allow for easy placement.
Optional Lower Body Optional Hand Wrist Lateral Stabilizer Stabilizer
Spirit MS300 Recumbent Stepper. Facilitates
full body exercise in coordinated, linear, natural 1:1 leg and arm motion. Unique symmetry program displays left and right side power throughout the pedal stroke. Biofeedback encourages patients to maintain power between right and left side. Adjustable position handles with articulating handgrips, cushioned footplates with stabilization straps. Adjustable step range from 1” to 12.5”. Resistance of 5 watts up to 750 watts. Console displays: time, speed (steps per minute), step length, step count, watts, calories, METS, heart rate, resistance level and symmetry. Programs: manual, hill, plateau, interval, facility, HR and symmetry.
568870     StepOne with Bariatric, Non-Swivel Seat 568871 Optional Wheelchair Platform with Tie Downs
StepOne with Premium Seat
$5,995.00 $6,250.00
  568873 Optional Leg Stabilizers, Pair 969238 Optional Assist Gloves, Pair
$793.37 $148.31
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  Exercise Cardio

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