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                                                                Wrist Supports
Ortho Upper
                           Smart GloveTM and Smart GloveTM
with Thumb Support. Built-in wrist pad, filled with ergobeads, conforms to the users wrist to absorb shock and protect the underside of the wrist and pisiform bone. A removable, semi-rigid dorsal stay gently encourages the wrist to remain in a neutral position, yet still allows for full function of the hand. The washable, breathable cotton Lycra glove keeps the hand comfortable and allows for normal circulation. Universal fit for both the thumb and wrist supports. Black. Latex free.
Mueller® Night Wrist
Brace. Helps relieve pain,
tingling and numbness as-
sociated with Carpal Tunnel
Syndrome, arthritis, tendon-
itis and repetitive motion stress or injury. Provides maximum circulation. Super cushioned for comfort during sleep. Unique 360˚ design provides rigid stability above and below the wrist. Fits left or right. Latex free. Adjustable, one size fits most wrist circumferences 5.75"–9"
(14.6–22 cm).
      Smart Glove
 Smart Glove w/ Thumb
  MCP Width
  23/4"– 31/4" (7–8.26 cm)
  31/4"– 33/4" (8.26–9.5 cm)
   33/4"– 41/4" (8.9–10.2 cm)
        IMAK Universal Pil-O-Splint®. Therapeutic night splint isolates the wrist joint and hand in a comfortable position while sleeping or resting. Soft, cushioned foam fabric covers a semi- rigid sleeve; ergoBead pad between palm and thumb secures the splint in place and supports the arch of the hand. Fits a forearm circumference of 12" maximum. Latex free. 793901 $40.35
IMAK Adjustable Pil-O-Splint®. Accommodates larger forearms. Includes a hook and loop strap that allows one- handed adjustment, donning and doffing. Machine wash. Latex free.
7943 $40.35
aPalloTM Wrist Brace System. Effective, non-invasive treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. Also provides support for wrist injuries (ligament instability, sprain, or muscle strain), post-operative use, and post-removal of cast or splint. Both braces are made of breathable material for max- imum comfort and adjust to fit almost any size wrist. Latex free. Patent pending.
aPalloTM Day Brace free-palm design allows easier (better) gripping func- tions for activities of daily living. Dorsal metal stay properly positions and supports the wrist. Cinch-strapTM allows easy application and quick release for activities. Also includes Ice Strap and Lycra Sleeve.
• Ice Strap – to apply cold or heat therapy over the wrist and nerve.
• Lycra Sleeve – to prevent hook and loop catching and improve cosmesis.
aPalloTM Night Brace finger-free design provides clinically proven benefit while maintaining wrist support in the optimal sleep position. Employs anatomical features to keep the 4 fingers in an extended position at the MCP joints while leaving the index finger free for activities of daily living.
aPalloTM Day/Night Combo includes Day Brace, Ice Strap, Lycra Sleeve and Night Brace.
Made of breathable foam
 Item Description
 Day Brace
 Night Brace
  Day/Night Combo
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      Ortho Upper

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