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    IMPACTO® 50135 Fingerless Glove.
Nylon, pearl leather and padding in the palm extended to wrist joint. The outer fabric is stretch Lycra® for comfort, dexterity and moisture evaporation. Padding is viscoelastic polymer that absorbs impact and dissipates shock. Ideal for general assembly and mate- rial handling. Sold in pairs. Latex free.
IMPACTO® 70420 Glove with Wrist Support. Stretchy nylon Lycra® back for comfort. Durable leather on palm and thumb web. Shock absorbing VEP padding in palm and thumb web area. Detachable leather wrist support for protection of wrist repetitive strain injuries. Sold in pairs. Latex free.
IMPACTO® BG413 Anti-Vibration Air Glove®. Full finger, nylon Lycra® and pearl leather glove. Reinforced leather fingertips. Hook & loop wrist closure. Individual air chambers bladder protects the palm, fingers and thumb. Ideal for extended use, and operation of impact tools, air tools and vi- brating tools. Meets Anti-Vibration Standard ANSI S2.73-2002 (R2007)/ISO 10819:1996. Sold in pairs. Latex free.
IMPACTO® 40330 Full Finger Gloves.
Nylon Lycra® and pearl leather glove. VEP padding in palm. Elastic wrist with hook & loop closure. Typical uses include material handling, driving, sports and wheelchair. Sold in pairs. Latex free.
IMPACTO® BG750 Anti-Vibration Air Glove®. Full finger all leather. Reduces vibration energy transmission to the palm, fingers and thumb. Non-permeable polymer Air BubbleTM bladder with multiple individual air cells provides effectiveness that wont degenerate. Even if one cell breaks down, the others ensure glove effectiveness. Soft, flexible bladder designed to conform to the flex lines of the palm and fingers, helping
to maintain tool control. Attached leather wrist support for repetitive strain injuries protection. Meets Anti-Vibration Standard ANSI S3.40/2002: ISO 10819. Sold in pairs. Latex free.
     IMPACTO® BG408 Anti-Vibration Mechanic’s Air Glove®. Patented Air Technology provides maximum protection from vibration in the palm, fingers and thumb. Mechanic’s style design ensures maximum flexibility and tool control. Synthetic suede leather provides excellent wear and is fully washable. Mesh back
for ventilation. Textured patches on the palm and fingertips allows solid gripping. Adjustable hook & loop closure at the wrist provides excellent fit. Meets Anti-Vibration Glove Standard ANSI S2.73-2002 (R 2007)/ ISO 10819:1996. Sold in pairs. Latex free.
IMPACTO® BG401 Anti-Vibration Air Glove®. Same features of the BG413 only in half- finger style. Sold in pairs. Latex free.
               Fingerless         Full Finger
50135       70420     40330     BG408 55978601       A3825     56091201     – 55978602       A3826     56091202     081540715 55978603       A3827     56091203     081540731 55978604       A3828     56091204     081540749 55978605       A3829     56091205     081540756 55978606         –       56091206     081540764
BG413 56091101 56091102 56091103 56091104 56091105 56091106
Open-Finger         Hand BG750       BG401     Size     MCP Circ.     Length
–       55978701     XS     6"– 7"     5.1"– 5.9" A3821       55978702     S     7"– 8"     6.3"– 6.9" A3822       55978703     M     8"– 9"     7"– 7.7" A3823       55978704     L     9"–10"     7.8"– 8.5" A3824       55978705     XL     10"–11"     8.6"– 9.5" –       55978706       XXL     11+     9.5"+
$106.20       $93.25
                                          $29.69 $53.68 $58.73       $56.68
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