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                                                               Ortho Upper
Elbow Supports
    Retains heat, aids circulation
Antibacterial Odor free
Lightweight Washable
                3D Flat Premium Elbow Support. Flat knit is an
advanced horizontal knitting technique, allowing for cus- tomized stitching to achieve 3D shaping of the fabric and providing optimum fit and support. Customized compression zones offer sup- port where you need it. Medical-grade compression. Recommended use for minor to moderate elbow sprains/strains, epicondylitis and bursitis. Measure just below elbow. Latex free.
Vulkan® Advanced Elastic Elbow Support. Nano FlextraTM Technology – the professional multifunctional support you can trust. Superior performance ma- terials help the body’s natural healing process.
• Support provides a 4-way stretch, lightweight, uniform compression
for overall comfort and per- formance
           Item No. 7100429 7100430
Size         Forearm Circ.     Price Small/Medium       7"−10"     $15.91 Large/X-Large       11"−14"     $15.91
Ottobock Rehband Rx Elbow Support. Unique, pat-
• Provides comfort for swollen or tender elbows due to sprains and strains
• Firm support for prevention of further pain and discomfort
• Ideal for short-term use to control swelling
• Latex free
Black         Size     Elbow Circ.     Price 081537984       S     up to 9.25" (23.5 cm)     $10.95 081537992       M     9.25"−10.2" (23.5−26 cm)     $10.95 081538008       L     10.2"−11.2" (26−28.5 cm)     $10.95
Swede-O Elastic Elbow Support. The Swede-OTM Elastic Elbow Sleeve provides light support for mild injuries, aching and/or weak- ened elbows. Gentle compression helps reduce inflammation. The seamless, ventilated material contours to the natural shape of the elbow for comfort during extended use. Discreet under clothing; bilateral design fits right or left elbow. Latex free.
Item No.         Size     Elbow Circ.     Price 081694348       S       73⁄4"− 9"     $9.95 081694355       M 9"−101⁄4"       $9.95 081694363       L 101⁄4"−111⁄2"       $9.95 081694371       XL 111⁄2"−121⁄2"       $9.95
                               ented construction secures an anatomical fit that follows motion and guides the body to move correctly and safely without limiting muscle development around the elbow. Designed for better quality of movement and increased muscle control, the Rehband Rx Elbow Support helps your brain and body communicate to achieve strength instead of injury, while delivering the key benefits of stability, compression and warmth for increased blood flow, healing and pain relief. Latex free.
         Black/Purple 7100339 7100340 7100341 7100342 7100343 7100344
Camo         Size Price 7100345       XS     $44.00 7100346       S     $44.00 7100347       M     $44.00 7100348       L     $44.00 7100349       XL     $44.00 7100350       XXL     $44.00
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    Ortho Upper

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