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                      ComfyTM Hand/Wrist Splints   Contracture Management
    ComfyTM Dorsal Hand Orthosis. Excellent for the treatment and prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome. Provides the dorsal support of the wrist while allowing increased use of the fingers. Soft, washable terry cloth covers and an adjustable frame are standard features of the Dorsal Hand Orthosis.
Mid-Moderate Moderate Severe None Stat./Prog.
ComfyTM Hand Flex. Used to position a weak or deformed hand. Allows for progressive increases in wrist/hand/finger ROM. The splint provides a patented, adjustable frame on the volar surface that al- lows for adjustment and readjustment to increase extension without tools or heat. The dorsal support has a pocket that holds a stiffener, which straps down to help control wrist flexion. If less resistance is required, the stiffener can be removed. One progressive foam rolls are provided. The foam rolls fit on the frame underneath and help to slowly increase MP, PIP and DIP extension. Available in soft padded navy blue terrycloth.
Normal Slight
Mid-Moderate Moderate Severe None Stat./Prog.
   Dorsal Hand Orthosis
   Wrist Crease to Top of 3rd Digit
   12 1/2”
   7” - 8”
                        55004007 Left 55004008 Right
$95.90 $95.90
ComfyTM Orthoses:
 Static Progressive
ComfyTM Air Hand Orthosis. The ideal splint for the severely con- tracted hand. Adjustable air bladder allows for gradual extension of the MP, DIP and PIP joints. Wrist and forearm can be adjusted for a customized fit. Simply insert the uninflated splint with the bladder under the fingers; then pump air to inflate the bladder and increase finger extension. Hand bladder can be used separately without full orthosis as needed. Well-padded, comfortable, navy blue headliner material cover can be removed for easy laundering. Designed by a therapist. Ambidextrous.
55004009 $141.35
   ComfyTM Finger Separators. Prevents development of contractures. Indicated for arthritic or neuromuscular deformity, ulnar deviation or wrist drop. Supports and positions the weakened hand and reduces pain. Blue.
55004804 Adult $12.10
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