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Severe None
Moderate Severe None Static
Rolyan® Terry
Cloth Hand
Cone Cover.
Washable to improve client hygiene. Elastic end holds cover in place. Three per package. Fits 1499 and A3623 Hand Cones.
1496 $19.46
Moderate Severe None Static
Terry Cloth &
Plastic Hand
Cone. With 1”
elastic strap for
snug, comfortable fit. Removable, wash- able cover. Measures 5” x 1” x 11/2”. Latex free.
   Rolyan® Hand Cones. Comes com- plete with soft Velfoam® strap. Available in clear acrylic to make viewing hand easier, or in low temperature thermo- plastic for easy modification. 41/4” high (11cm). Bilateral. Washable terry cloth cover sold seperatly in packs of 3. Latex free.
1501 $13.65
1499 Thermoplastic A3623 Clear Acrylic
Moderate Severe None Static
$16.06 $14.65
                               Rolyan® AMTM
Hand Cone
Covers. AM-
protected cover
helps fight germs and guards against the growth of odors from microbes (bacteria) and fungi. Protection lasts the life of the product. Hand wash, air dry. Cover will fit standard hand cones. Latex free. 55478502 Set of 3 $19.15
Severe None
    Rolyan® Foam Finger Separator.
Soft, closed-cell foam. Use to separate fingers to prevent skin maceration, or to maintain web spaces and finger align- ment. Easily incorporated into resting hand splints. Package of five. Latex free. 7775 $7.05
 Mid-Moderate Moderate Severe
     The Comfy Air Hand Orthosis can be
found on page 739.
                                                              Contracture Management
Hand Splints
      Moderate Severe None Static
SwansonTM Hand Cone. Individually contoured finger rests and a molded-in VELCRO® Brand adjustable strap keep cone in place without slipping. The firm rubber construction does not stimulate finger flexion spasticity. Latex free. 7904 $38.95
ComfyTM Air Hand Roll Orthosis.
Inflatable roll slides easily through con- tracted hand when the attached string is pulled. Inflate bladder to desired size to promote extension. The orthosis reduces finger flexion contractures and plantar maceration, and it positions thumb in op- position. Can be attached simply to most ComfyTM orthoses. Launderable headline cover is treated with Dri-release® and Freshguard® material to help wick away moisture and reduce skin breakdown. Ambidextrous. Available with or without removable finger separators. Latex free. 563051 Without Finger Separators
56305111 With Finger Separators $62.60
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547
fax 1.800.547.4333
     Contracture Management

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