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Fall Prevention
  Alarms and Sensors
Sensors (Require one of the alarms on page 782)
Under Mattress Sensor Pad. Protected against incontinence. Weight of mattress keeps sensor in place to reduce false alarms. No sensor strip on mattress to compro- mise pressure relief.
     Item No.
 90-Day Sensor Pad
  10”W x 30”L
 180-Day Sensor Pad
  10”W x 30”L
 180-Day Sensor Pad, 10-Pack
  10”W x 30”L
 1-Year Sensor Pad
  10”W x 30”L
 90-Day Sensor Pad
  20”W x 30”L
 180-Day Sensor Pad
  20”W x 30”L
  1-Year Sensor Pad
   20”W x 30”L
    Over Mattress Sensor Pad. Alerts caregivers to unassisted bed exits. Unique printed circuitry in sensor pod improves monitoring. 10” W x 30” L.
552448 45-Day Sensor Pad $48.90 565341 45-Day Sensor Pad (10 pack)
552449 180-Day Sensor Pad $57.30 081501212 180-Day Sensor Pad (10 pack)
Early Warning Sensor Pad. Unique triangular design activates alarm before patient leaves bed 30” x 20”. Under mat- tress sensor will not compromise pressure relief. Mattress keeps sensor in place to reduce false alarms.
2-Year Super Sensor.
Under mattress sensor is pro-
tected against incontinence
and patient tampering. No
sensor strip on mattress to
compromise pressure relief.
Includes straps that secure to
most bed frames.
081501238 Light (for mattresses 38–42 pounds) 081501246 Heavy (for mattresses over 42 pounds)
$185.70 $185.70
   565410 90-Day Sensor Pad $95.50 565412 90-Day Sensor Pad, (10 pack) 565411 180-Day Sensor Pad $116.75 565343 180-Day Sensor Pad, (10 pack)
$806.45 $954.95
Chair Sensor Pad.
Sensor pad may be used with or without cushion and activates alarm when resident rises. Vinyl covered pads are water resistant. Pads measure 7” x 15”.
553165 45-Day Sensor Pad
565342 45-Day Sensor Pad, (10 pack) 552450 180-Day Sensor Pad $60.45 565413 180-Day Sensor Pad, (10 pack)
$360.85 $445.60
   FloorProTM Bed Safety Alarm Systems
Alert caregivers when patients exit or fall from bed.
FloorProTM Floor Mat Alarm System.
Weight senstitive floor pad activates alarm at bedside and/or nurses station. Eliminates false alarms associated with on the bed sensors. Measures 36” x 24” x 1”. Includes one 180-day sensor pad 20” x 30”.
55464301 Floor Mat Alarm System $287.65 One Replacement Sensor Pad is required for the Floor Mat.
081501295 Replacement Sensor Pad $93.35
FloorProTM Soft-Fall Bedside Mat Alarm System. Combines an impact absorbing fall mat with an alarm. High density foam cov- ered in durable wipe clean vinyl. 68” x 36” x 2” mat folds for easy storage. Includes two 180 day sensor pads, each are 20” x 30”. 55464201 Soft-Fall Bedside
Mat Alarm System
Two Replacement Sensor Pads are required for the Soft-Fall Bedside Mate 081501295 Replacement Sensor Pad $93.35
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        Fall Prevention

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