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                                   Bed Assists     Fall Prevention
                                  Sammons Preston® Transfer Pole & Transfer Pole Swing Grip. Constructed of heavy gauge 11/4” epoxy-coated steel, this pole adjusts in height from 92” to 100”. Optional Transfer Pole Swing Grip features a 20”L padded grip area; includes an extra loop handle that pivots around the pole in 3/4” increments and locks into place at each of the eight pos- sible positions. The 14”L x 6”H swing grip gives extra assistance for transfers. Grip adjusts up to 39” from the floor. A rubber pad on the pole’s end protects the ceiling. Requires no tools to install. 200-lb. weight capacity. Latex free.
926785 Transfer Pole $228.25
926786 Transfer Pole Swing Grip $144.40
552668 552672
The SuperPole for Angled Ceilings has an angled ceiling plate that can be mounted to any ceiling with a 45° to 90° angle. Simply connect the SuperPole to the Angled Ceiling Plate and turn the jackscrew at the bottom of the SuperPole to create rock solid tension and support. Any standard SuperPole can be converted into a SuperPole for Angled Ceiling by removing the standard top plate and replacing it with the angled ceiling top plate.
The optional SuperBarTM (16”L) attaches to provide a secure support rail in front of user at all times. The SuperTrayTM simply snaps onto the SuperPole at any height. The 11” x 15” tray holds up to 15 lbs.
552668 SuperPole Basic $295.90
552669 SuperPole Heavy Duty $502.95
565408 SuperPole with Angled Ceiling Plate $460.94
565409 Angled Ceiling Plate for SuperPole (pole not included)
552673 Uni-Fit Extension Tube $90.85
552670 SuperBar $171.65
552672 SuperTrapeze $171.65
SuperPoleTM System. The vertical pole is a secure structure that can
be installed in minutes with basic tools by simple jackscrew expansion
between a floor and ceiling. The basic SuperPole fits ceiling heights
from 93”–99” and up to 120” with the optional Uni-Fit ExtenderTM.
Weight capacity is 250 lbs. The Heavy Duty model has weight capacity of 450 lbs.
 Jackscrew expansion
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