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                                 Fall Prevention Bed Safety
                     Gap Eliminator. Designed to eliminate gaps between mattress, head- board or footboard in increments of 2”, 4” and 6”. Units may be used individually or together, depending on size of gap to be eliminated. Each unit has removable, washable cover and three straps to secure system. 36”L. Latex free.
566908 $79.55
Defined Perimeter Mattress Cover. 4” high wedge-shaped foam sections line the side perimeters of the mattress, helping pre- vent accidental falls from the bed. The openings in the mid-section allow for easy patient exit and entry, and the eight straps with quick release buckles easily secure the cover to the bed. Strategically located sheet clips hold sheets securely in place. Comes with a re- movable foot bolster for patient comfort. Fits mattresses 32”–36”W and 80”L. Cover consists of a waterproof urethane coating that can be wiped clean with a mild disinfectant. Meets CA #117, Section E Flame retardancy standards. Latex free.
560837 $289.65
Side Rail Wedges. Can be used singly to cover or close the gap between half side rails. Zip two together to provide full, 70” length protection. Placed on top of the mattress, the wedge helps position patients at a subtle side angle to help relieve back pressure and in- crease patient comfort. Meets CA #117 flame retardancy standards. Sold in pairs. 35”L x 17”H x 2”D. Latex free.
ProtectYou 2TM. A new, simple way to add side bolsters to an ex- isting mattress. Simply slip on Protect You 2TM to add four bolsters, providing a reminder of the bed’s sides. Middle cutout area provides a safe enter and exit area to the bed. Fits mattress sizes ranging from 35” to 36” wide, 76” to 80” long and 6” deep.
081540806 $270.32
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929167 $200.50
559772 $244.05 fax 1.800.547.4333
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547
Full Side Rail Cover. Elasticized design attaches over the top of the side rail and under mattress to reduce entanglement. Synthetic fur liner helps protect the patient. Rails may be raised or lowered without removing the side rail pad. Reinforced holes allow restraints to be secured to the bed frame when necessary. 82”L x 65”W. Machine washable. Latex free.
554645 $236.60
  Horseshoe Wedge. Helps protect patients from entrapment at the headboard/footboard and the ends of side rails. Also deters patients from bed exit. Horseshoe Wedge can be zipped together with any combination of Posey side rail wedges for complete coverage around the bed. Hook & loop flaps secure the wedge under mattress; straps secure to side rails and headboard or footboard. The wedge rises 10” above mattress surface. Made of soft, durable foam and cov- ered in wipe-clean vinyl, making cleaning a snap. One per package. 38”L x 17”H x 2”D with 15” side.

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