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                                                                Bed Safety
Fall Prevention
    Skil-Care® Wedge with Slider Sheet. Safely turn and reposition patients with this wedge and slider sheet system. Nylon sheet reduces friction while sliding a patient. The slider sheet is available in a mesh option so it can be used on a low air loss mattress without interfering with the benefits of the mattress. The wedge provides secure bed positioning and prevents bed roll-off. Simple to use. Slider sheet is 48” x 54”; machine wash and dry.
   Item No.
 24” Bed Wedge with Nylon Slider Sheet; Pkg. of 2.
 24” Bed Wedge with Mesh Slider Sheet; Pkg. of 2.
  34” Bed Wedge with Nylon Slider Sheet; Pkg. of 2.
24” Bed Wedge with Hook; Pkg. of 2.
 34” Bed Wedge with Hook; Pkg. of 2.
 Bed Wedge Replacement Nylon Slider Sheet
  Bed Wedge Replacement Mesh Slider Sheet
      Skil-CareTM Classic Vinyl Bed Side Rails.
Foam-padded and vinyl-covered rails provide maximum bed cushioning. They extend below and between the rail and mattress for added protec- tion. Durable, reinforced vinyl is nonallergenic, mildew-resistant and bacteriostatic. Wipes clean for easy care. Hook & loop closures fasten pads securely to bed rails. Latex free.
Skil-CareTM Thru-View Vinyl Bed Rail Pads. Clear plastic windows reduce resi- dent’s feeling of isolation. Caregivers find
it easier to monitor resident. The 1”-thick foam padding protects against bed rail- related injuries. The 15”W pad fits well below the rail and mattress for added pro- tection. Durable vinyl cover is bacteriostatic, nonallergenic, and wipes clean easily. Pads secure to bed rails using hook and loop closures. Sold in pairs. Latex free.
   Item No.
  Sell Packaging
 60” Full Bed Rail Pads, Set of 2
  60” x 15” x 1”
 72” Full Bed Rail Pads, Set of 2
  72” x 15” x 1”
  28” Split-Rail Bed Rail Pads, Set of 4
   28” x 9” x 1”
     Skil-CareTM Bed Support Bolster System. Integrated 30° bed positioning system has two wedges that are con- tinuously attached with a reinforced nylon fabric. The 30° angle is optimal for relieving pressure on the hipbone and coccyx. Features include:
• Unique nonslip stretch fabric covers
• Optional pad can be attached using hook
and loop for added comfort and incon- tinence protection. Pad has a nonskid bottom. Used alone as a bed pad.
081570563 With Optional Pad $159.65
081570555 Without Optional Pad $129.75
Skil-CareTM Bed Rail Wedge Pads. Fills in the gap between mattress and side rail. Cushioned with resilient foam and covered with durable, wipe-clean, bacteriostatic vinyl. Extra-thick foam makes these pads perfect for seizure-risk patients. Available for full-rail and half-rail beds. Sold in pairs. Latex free.
Skil-CareTM Bed Bolsters. Vinyl-covered polyfoam bolsters provide secure posi- tioning for the side-lying client. Eliminates pillow propping and prevents arms and legs from being caught between mattress and rail. Keeps client from rolling off of the bed when side rails cannot be used. 34”L x 8.5”W. Latex free.
6779 Bed Bolsters, pair $159.65 556080 Single Bolster with Strap $98.80
927795 70” Full Rail Pad 927796 35” Half Rail Pad
$356.30 $200.85
Order online. It’s click & easy:
927793 60” Bed Rail Pad 927794 72” Bed Rail Pad
$127.70 $142.10
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