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                                                                 Fall Prevention
Transfer Belts
    Four-Handle Transfer Belt. Reinforced nylon belt is 4” wide with hook & loop closure. Four vertical handles (two in back and one on each side) provide a safe, con-
venient place for the caregiver to hold and direct the patient. Fits clients with waists 34”–42”. Latex free.
562666 $26.25
Sammons Preston® Two-Handled
Gait Belt. Constructed of durable,
heavy cotton with plastic handles on each side and a rear cotton handle to provide a firm grip for attendants on either side of the pa- tient. Machine washable. 5”W. Measurements are waist size. 552540 Small, 27”–34” $83.80
552541 Medium, 33”–38” $83.80
552542 Large, 36”–46” $83.80
552543 X-Large, 44”–52” $83.80
Transfer Belt. In your
choice of a padded belt
featuring woven cotton
fabric coated with an
anti-slide, skin-friendly
material, or Sherpa-
lined gait belt with
synthetic lining for a
softer more comfort-
able patient transfer.
Generous vertical and
horizontal loop handles
are easy to grip. Fix-lock
buckle provides easy on and
off, adjusts tension, and al-
lows retightening without
having to open buckle. Caregiver
may also wear a belt so the user
has a secure place to hold onto,
minimizing stress on the care-
giver’s back. Latex free. 3/8” thick
and 4”wide.
Small – for 23”–36” waist;
2 horizontal/2 vertical grips.
Medium – for 32”–48” waist; 2 horizontal/3 vertical grips. Large – for 42”–60” waist; 3 horizontal/4 vertical grips. Bariatric – for 50”–75” waist; 3 horizontal/5 vertical grips. 6636 Small Belt $70.00
663601 Medium Belt $69.80
663602 Large Belt $71.30
552580 Sherpa Small Belt $85.35
552581 Sherpa Medium Belt $85.89
552582 Sherpa Large Belt $87.39
081663533     Bariatric Transfer Belt
                       Contracture FMalalnPraegveemnetinotn
                                  Transfer Belt with Adjustable Handles. Assists in safe pa-
tient transfer and ambulation. Helps prevent caregiver back injury. Features greater contact area with resident to minimize pressure and friction. Three horizontal and two vertical adjustable handles provide safer gripping.
081534353 Padded, Metal Buckle $73.20
081534361 Padded, Side Release Buckle $73.20
081534650 Non-Padded, Metal Buckle $56.30
081534668 Non-Padded, Side Release Buckle $56.30
SafetySure® Economy Gait Belt. Made of nylon webbing and secured with a quick-release plastic buckle. Has two convenient grips located on the back of the belt for added stability. 2” wide. Machine washable.
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547
fax 1.800.547.4333
081530799 48” without Hand Grips 081530807 60” without Hand Grips
081530815 48” with Hand Grips 081530823 60” with Hand Grips
$16.26 $18.53

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