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                                   Hoyer® Patient Lifts & Slings Fall Prevention Hoyer Classic Series Lifts
Hoyer® 400 lb. Hydraulic Lift. Safety, comfort and value from the first name in patient lifters. Features contemporary painted design. Ergonomically placed hydraulic pump handle is easy to use. Pump handle rotates, allowing operation from either side of lifter. Adjustable U-legs allow for easier seating or toileting. Disassembles for easy storage. 400 lb. resident capacity.
081692037         Hoyer 400 lb. Capacity Lifter $930.84 081526557 Replacement Battery for Classic Series Lifts $327.38
Hoyer® 400 lb. Battery Powered Lift. Your heavy-duty alternative. Smooth, quiet transfer reduces patient anxiety. Innovative 6-point non-sway cradle offers extra stability. Cradle design works with Hoyer 4-point and 2-point slings. Adjustable U-base, built-in emergency stop button and manual release for emergency lowering. Ergonomic handle grips for easier positioning. Improved resident legroom with reverse-mounted actuator. Leg guards and caster bumpers. Weight capacity 400 lbs.
081692045     Hoyer Battery Powered Patient Lifter $2,496.14
081692078     Hoyer 700-lb. Patient Lift w/Scale
Hoyer® 700 lb. Bariatric Patient Lift. This uniquely designed lift is electronically operated and safe for lifting heavier patients. It’s sturdy and robust
with a safe working load rating of 700 lbs. Designed to be configured with or without a weigh scale. The weigh scale is seamlessly integrated with a digital display on both sides and user-friendly controls.
6-point Cradle
The large, open cradle results in less discomfort for the patient, compared to other lifts which can pinch and squeeze.
Powered Base
Legs can be opened and closed to enable access around armchairs, wheelchairs and similar obstacles without bending or twisting. Power Source
Comes standard with two batteries and a charging station. Visual and audible low-battery indicators are featured.
Optional Scale
The position of the display can be adjusted for easier viewing. Simple, intuitive controls provide the resident’s weight in pounds or kilograms.
Hoyer 700-lb. Patient Lift $5,711.79 $7,588.06
       Bariatric Patient Lift Specifications
   Overall Length
  Maximum: 56”. Minimum: 55”
   Overall Height
  Maximum: 81”. Minimum: 57.75”
   Turning Radius
   External Legs
  Legs Open: 46.25”W. Legs Closed: 27.5”W
   Internal Legs
  Legs Open: 42.25”W. Legs Closed: 23.5”W
   Base Clearance
  Front Twin: 3”. Rear Braked: 4”
   Total: 150 lbs.
 081526557 Replacement Battery for Classic Series Lifts
     Specifications for Classic Series Lifts
  Lift Range 28”–77”
   Base Clearance
  Hydraulic 5.5”H. Battery Powered 5”H
  Painted Tan Finish
   Shipping Weight
   Hydraulic 96 lbs. Battery Powered 114 lbs.
   Hoyer® Patient Lifter Digital Scale. Adds the convenient ability to weigh clients while they are on a lifter. With a simple push of a button, the scale provides a digital readout of up to 600 lbs. Powered by a 9v battery. Works with 6069 & 926960 Patient Lifts.
926961 $1,592.06
Hoyer® Padded Quickfit. Easy to fit, general purpose sling designed to suit 85% of residents. All slings rated for 850 lbs. (Weights below are a guide for sizing).
081528546 Medium (Yellow) 300 lbs.–375 lbs. $529.37
081528553 Large (Green) 350 lbs.–475 lbs.
081528561 X-Large (Blue) 450 lbs.–575 lbs.
081528579 XX-Large (Black) 550 lbs.–850 lbs. $712.21
Hoyer® Full Back Padded. Durable polyester with closed cell foam padding for comfort and nylon head support. All slings rated for 850 lbs. (Weights below are a guide for sizing).
081528504 Medium (Yellow) 300 lbs.–375 lbs. $529.89
081528512 Large (Green) 350 lbs.–475 lbs. $529.89
081528520 X-Large (Blue) 450 lbs.–575 lbs. $529.89 081528538 XX-Large (Black) 550 lbs.–850 lbs. $690.03
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$481.44 $529.58
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