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                                                                 Fall Prevention Patient Lifts & Slings
   Human Care Lift Solutions. The overhead lift is the best possible mobility aid for moving a patient in today’s nursing environment. Mounted in the ceiling, the lift is always ready and at hand while the floor space remains uncluttered.
Human Care offers high-quality overhead lifts that deliver a comfort- able, safe transfer for both patient and caregiver. They can be used with 2, 3 or 4-point sling suspension which, in combination with the unique telescopic carrybar, provides increased sling comfort and adjustment according to every patient’s needs.
Human Care Ceiling Lift Units.
081686674 HeliQ Overhead Lift, 660 lbs. $3,820.00 081686682 Altair Portable Overhead Lift, 485 lbs. $4,100.00 081686690 Altair Portable Overhead Lift, 660 lbs. $4,500.00 081686724 RoomerS Dual Strap Port Overhead, 485 lbs.
Medical Sequoia System.
Designed with
both the caregiver
and client in mind.
free-standing track
system eliminates
the need to perma-
nently mount track
to the ceiling and dismantles easily to conveniently move to a new location. Secure and sturdy, the Sequoia can be installed in any room application regardless of ceiling type. Lightweight design is height- and length-adjustable and features easy-to-use clamps that allow quick assembly without tools in minutes. Secure-fit support feet en- sure stability. For floors that are not level, the Sequoia has multi-level capabilities allowing for variances of 24” (610mm) in floor height. 081700335     2-Post $3,883.00
081700343     4-Post $5,594.00
Portable Track Systems.
The perfect solution when a ceiling or wall-mounted track system is not an op- tion. Offers an easy, unique way of safely lifting and moving a patient—from
a bed, wheelchair, bath/
shower and from the floor.
None of these movements
strain the patient or the
caregiver. The freestand
can be assembled by one
person, without using any
tools. Niklas offers adjust-
able width/height, and it
collapses for storage. Lena
has a fixed width and height. (Lift sold separately.) 081525716 Niklas Freestand (485 lb. weight capacity) 081628130 Lena Freestand (660 lb. weight capacity)
 $3,934.00 $4,658.00
       Prism Medical P440 Portable Ceiling Lift. Lightweight and de- signed to provide complete control for the caregiver, the P440 solves many of the problems that make patient transfer complex or difficult. • Integral full-width carry bar with unique contoured shape provides
optimal client comfort
• On-board controls allow caregiver to operate the system
• Safety mechanisms include an over-speed governor, built-in safety
limits, slack strap sensor and emergency lowering
• Positive locking latches, secure the sling each and every time
• Comfortable built-in ergonomic handle for easy transport
• Handle doubles as a connection point to allow for room-to-room
transfers eliminating the need for costly home modifications • Lift Range: Up to 80”
• Maximum Load: 440 lbs.
081695667 P440 Portable Ceiling Lift $4,785.38 081695675 P440 Portable Ceiling Lift With Extended Hooks
081695683 P440 Portable Ceiling Lift - No Carabiner $4,785.38
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547 fax 1.800.547.4333
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