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                                                              Compression Products Medi USA
circaid® juxtalite® Leggings. An easy alternative for those who lack the
strength or dexterity to use traditional compression stockings and bandages. Patented, built-in pressure system (BPSTM) with adjustable, assured compression levels (20- 30, 30-40, 40-50 mmHg) allows clinicians to set desired compression and patients to repeat the process at home. Standard legging is constructed of cool, lightweight Breathe-O-Prene and limited linear stretch material designed to hug the limb. Available in two lengths, Short (28cm) and Long (33cm), and in circumference sizes ranging from Medium to XL with three full calf options. Each kit includes: lower leg garment, 1 pair of compression anklets, 1 undersleeve liner, and 1 BPS measurement card.
Long Legging with Anklet
Medium         Large       XLarge       Full Calf Med       Full Calf Large       Full Calf XL     Price 081711092 081711118 081711134 081711100 081711126 081711142       $98.00
                                           Short Legging with Anklet Medium
Large       Full Calf Med     Full Calf Large     Price 081711076       081711068     081711084     $98.00
            circaid® juxtafit® essentials Lower Leg. An economical alternative for patients
with moderate to severe lower leg lymphedema. Instantly adjustable inelastic bands make these garments easy to apply, remove, and target specific areas as needed throughout the period of wear. User-friendly, built-in pressure system (BPSTM) guide card with multiple compression range settings for quickly and accurately verifying the application
of prescribed compression levels (anywhere from 20-30mmHg to 50+mmHg).
Includes 1 legging, 1 pair of undersleeves (footless), 1 power aided compression
(pac) band and 1 pair of compression anklets. SILVERtecTM is incorporated into
the fabric for odor control throughout the 6 month warranted use of the product
when proper wear and care instructions are followed. Color: Beige
                    Lower Leg Short
Medium         Large       Extra Large       Full Calf Med       Full Calf Large
081711159 081711175 081711191 081711167 081711183 081711209       $198.00
                              Lower Leg Long Medium 081711217
Full Calf XL       Price Large       XLarge     Full Calf Med     Full Calf Large     Full Calf XL     Price
081711233       081711258     081711225     081711241     081711266     $198.00
                              Regular Long 081685536 081685544
Lower Leg Reduction Kit. Includes: 1 reduction lower leg component, 1 pair undersleeves, 1 shelf strap, 6 hook-and-loop stays, 1 Built-in-Tension system guide card and paper measuring tape. Knee Height: Short, <31cm (Wide Short, <37cm); Standard, 37-41cm; Long, >41cm. Ankle Circumference: Regular, <55cm; Wide, <65cm. Calf: Regular, <65cm; Wide, <80cm. Calf Length: Short, <32cm; Standard, 32-46cm; Long, >46cm.
Short       Standard     Long       Short       Standard       Sell Packaging     Price
081685494       081685510     081685593 081685551 081685577 Single       $248.00 081685502       081685528     081685601 081685569 081685585 4/PK       $870.00
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547
fax 1.800.547.4333
Undersleeve Leg, Pair One Size Undersleeve Leg, 4 Pair/PK One Size
Fits All $68.00 Fits All $267.00
     Compression Products

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