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                                     Kinesio Tape & DVDs
      Kinesio® Fan Cuts. Used for lymphatic draining and to treat swelling (edema), bruising and any condition that calls for increased circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid. Each box contains 12, 2”x12” (5cm x 30cm) strips, (3 beige, 3 blue, 3 red, 3 black).
081694892 $11.95
Kinesio® Tex Performance +. Offers comfortable wear while syncing the body’s multi-directional movement. Supports joints and muscles like athletic tape without restricting movement. 5.0cm x 5m.
Kinesio® Tex GoldTM EDF
Pre-cutTM Box. EDF (Epidermis,
Dermis & Fascia) is a treatment
that creates additional lift in
the skin layers for improved
circulation. Kinesio Tex Gold
EDF Pre-cuts save valuable time and provide a precise cut every time. Made with Kinesio TEX Gold FP, the thinner cut provides additional lift by stimulating nerve cells at the skin layers.
7100254 $17.99
Kinesio® Clinical Sport & Fitness DVD. Athletes and people with an active lifestyle know that aches, pains and injuries are a pos- sibility. In the event that a person is unable to maintain their level
of activity due to ailment, the desire to return to full participation becomes overwhelming. The Kinesio Taping® Method has been used in the treatment of a variety of acute and chronic orthopedic inju- ries commonly seen in an athletic or active population. By utilizing Kinesio® Tex Tape, patients have reported a decrease in pain and swelling as well as quicker recovery times and a faster return to their high level of performance.
Applications Covered:
• Ankle Sprain
• Arch/Plantar Fasciitis
• Calf
• Golfers Elbow
• Shoulder Sprain
• Low Back Strain
• Lower Leg/Shin Splints
• IT Band
• Runners Knee Support
• Tennis Elbow
081655232 $49.99
      Item No.
 Beige with logo
 Blue with logo
 Red with logo
  Black with logo
    Kinesio® Clinical Scar & Edema DVD. Management of scars
is often overlooked when treating pain. Swelling, decreased range
of motion, contracture and cosmetic appearance of the skin—scar tissue can significantly disrupt how our bodies function. Using Kinesio® Tex Tape is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways of treating scars. Its unique elastic qualities not only assist scars to mature, allowing the collagen to become more in a parallel, but it can also assist scars to release adhesion by the application methods of the Kinesio Tex Tape. Both new and old scars can be treated with Kinesio Tex Tape with changes noted as early as 24 hours in mo- bility, adhesion and color. Scar management with Kinesio Tex Tape is gentle with quick muscle pumping and
lymphatic flow proximal and peripheral to
the area to decrease swelling, encouraging
decreased pain and increased rehabilitation
Applications Covered:
• Thigh Swelling
• Multi-Directional Scars with Adhesions
• Bruising
• After Open Wound – Phase 1
• After Open Wound – Phase 2
• Vertical Adhered Scar
• Pitted Scars
081655182 $49.99
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