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                                                                Swing Seats
Sensory Motor
                                Special High Back Swing Seat. Features safety harness with snap buckles and adjustable ropes. Attaches to indoor/outdoor swing frame with figure eight hooks (included). Optional headrest available for small and medium swing seat (not needed on large size). Optional tie-down straps secure seat to ground for patient transfer. Blue. Made of durable polyethylene.
     Item No.
   Weight Capacity
 Swing Seat, Child, no pommel
   40 lbs.
 12"W x 10"D x 21"H (30 x 25 x 53 cm)
 Swing Seat, Teen, no pommel
   125 lbs.
 15"W x 11"D x 24"H (38 x 28 x 61 cm)
 Swing Seat, Child/Small
   40 lbs.
 12"W x 10"D x 21"H (30 x 25 x 53 cm)
  Swing Seat, Teen/Medium
    125 lbs.
  15"W x 11"D x 24"H (38 x 28 x 61 cm)
Swing Bar
    Full Body Swing Seat. Offers children with special needs the chance to experience the exhilaration and fun of swinging in the park or at home. Fully adjustable safety harness secures shoulders and waist. Contoured design provides support for head, body and legs. 24"W x 40"D x 10"H. Weight capacity: 125 lbs.
553580 $570.60
 Tumble Forms 2 to 1 Vestibular Swing Adapter. Attach the rotation device to a ceiling mount and enjoy a removable vestibu- lator in your home or facility. Connect the adapter to the cross bar on any TF2 Vestibulator and use any one point connection swing. Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
552099 $839.65
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       Sensory Motor

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