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                                  Pilates Rehab Equipment
Exercise Strength
    MerrithewTM Rehab One-On-One Studio Bundle. The bundle includes standard equipment used in a Pilates Rehab treatment pro- gram to instruct and perform core stability, peripheral mobility and plyometric exercises with exceptional results. This package includes a Rehab V2 Max PlusTM Reformer Bundle (with Mat Converter, Padded Platform Extender, Reformer Box, Maple Roll-Up Pole), plus a Split- Pedal Stability ChairTM, Ladder Barrel and Arc Barrel. The Reformer measures 30’W x 97”L with a carriage height of 22.5” and a frame height of 79.5” (installed). Some assembly required.
081678523 $11,269.71
   Stability BarrelTM. A versatile, multipur- pose tool with the added ability to be used inverted or upright. Providing exceptional proprioceptive feedback and total body support for clients, this perfect addition
to clinic can be utilized for rehabilitation
and advanced training for athletes. Ideal
for aligning and mobilizing the spine, im-
proving posture and developing balance and control.
Positioning with the curved surface up facilitates scores
of strengthening and toning exercises. The gentle curved surface features a gradual slope that provides cushioned support for the body in prone, supine or side-lying positions. When inverted, it creates a plane of instability to challenge balance, stability and body awareness. 081707173 $479.95
Halo® Trainer with Stability BallTM
& Pump. The ergonomic Halo® Trainer
is an evolutionary device that offers
dynamic and challenging ways to
engage muscles while incorporating
strength work, flexibility training, total
body conditioning or physical and oc-
cupational treatments. An ideal tool for
rehab clients, as it permits exercise moves
to regress to their fundamental roots, then
allow for scalable progression. This infinity
shaped, friction-fitting tool can be used in-
dependently or in conjunction with a 55cm Stability BallTM (included), enveloping it to create a steady platform. Use the Halo Trainer to trigger an effective core response that advances strength, muscle endurance, proprioception and stabilization.
081699453 $179.95
Fitness Circle® Lite Kit with DVD & Poster. This kit includes the 35.5 cm (14”) Fitness Circle® Lite, Fitness Circle Flow DVD and bonus Easy Start Poster to get you started. You will add resis- tance to your workout, develop muscular strength, improve your endurance and increase your body awareness. Inner and outer foam grips provide extra comfort for this lightweight .34 kg (.75-lb) fit- ness tool that’s great for home or travel. Includes BONUS Exercise Guide. 562888 $44.96
Jumpboard. Provides a densely padded, stable jumping surface or alternative to
the footbar for patients with sensitive feet. Supine rehabilitative plyometric regimes can be safely performed using a wide range of resistance settings. Fits Rehab V2 Max and V2 Max Reformers. 22”W x 20”H.
554051 $380.47
Foam Grip Handles. Built for clients with sensitive hands
and diminished
grip capacity.
Designed with a solid, cross-
palm supportive, cylindrical core and an optimally cushioned exterior. For use with both Cadillacs and Reformers. Sold in pairs. 554055 $44.88
Ankle Straps.
Used in place of
standard Reformer/
Cadillac straps
for clients with
sensitive feet and
conditions including
plantar fasciitis. These straps fasten securely with Velcro® for added security when doing leg work. Sold in pairs. 554053 $83.09
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    Exercise Strength

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