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                                                              Sensory Motor
Tactile Stimulation
    Vibrating Snake. This battery-operated flexible snake is very popular. It allows users to move the vibration behind their back. Choice of two speeds. Velcro® strap allows it to be held in place. 50"L x 2"D. 081579077 $35.55
 Tubular Vibrator. Soft, flexible, revo- lutionary design conforms to body shape to surround the body with vibrations. This padded vibrator can be wrapped around almost any part of the body
to provide tactile feedback. Measures 301/2"L x 3"D. Requires four
(4) AA batteries (not included).
Two power positions.
923954 $107.15
Musical Bead Chain. Movement of the beads will turn on a built-in music box. As long as the beads are being manipulated, the music stays on. Can also be used as an external capability switch without music when connected to any toy or device.
4161 $313.20
Vibro Tube. These indestructible pro- prioceptive aids vibrate, and encourage gross motor skills. The tube is off when horizontal and on when twisted in the air. 7" long. Easily wipes clean. Requires two AA batteries. 081567742 $97.50
Sensory Brushes. Experience tactile sensations through 2 different brush sets. Each offers a sense of touch to enhance the tactile experience for any patient. 31/2"L x 2"W.
557675 Molded Scrub Brush.
The “Yes-U-Can” Fine Motor Exercise Kit. Provides all the necessary equipment to improve fine motor coordi- nation. Exercise programs and descriptions are included. 5286 $46.40
3D Feel & FindTM. Twenty matching wooden shapes and textured tiles come in a durable cloth bag. Simply deal out the tiles, and let children reach into the bag to Feel & Find the corresponding wooden shape. 10 geometric and 10 object shapes, or use as 20 little puzzles.
553541 $39.55
      Sensory Motor
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Sensory Motor Kit. 12 different tactile experiences all in one bag. Take it with you wherever you go. Smaller items help develop fine motor skills, while larger items help develop gross motor skills. Includes Rings, Tactile Balls in various sizes and styles, water mat, koosh balls, and tangle. Great for kids of all ages!
553450 $263.25

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