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    Primary Lacing Beads. Feature two extra-long laces and 30 wooden beads in six vibrant colors and five distinct shapes. Lacing Beads are great for a variety of activities. Stringing the easy-grasp beads pro- motes hand-eye coordination along with fine motor, cognitive and visual perception skills. Dimensions (packaged): 1.7" x 7.6" x 9.2". 081454610 $18.40
Parent’s Choice Gold Award Winner
Deluxe Mini Play CubeTM. Multi-activity play station features a game on five separate sides. This great interactive unit enhances vi- sual tracking, eye-hand coordination, counting, alphabet knowledge and cooperative play. Panels include: the Rollercoaster Express; The Pathfinder, Counting Abacus; Learn the Alphabet; Gear Galore. Can be placed on floor or table top. 12"W x 12"L x 24"H. For ages 2–5. 551226 $163.80
Magnet Express. Kids use magnetic wands to guide encased metal balls through the maze. The first player to get all five balls into the center wins the game. Constructed of durable Russian Birch wood, with a sealed, clear plastic top. Colored wands match colored balls. Measures 12"L x 15"W x 2"H. For ages 3 and up. Not recom- mended for clients with pacemakers.
924200 $41.55
Rolyan® Complex Form Board.
241/2" x 16" x 1/2" form board has 12 shapes for evaluation and training in form constancy, position in space,
shape recognition and sequencing as well as teaching compensatory techniques for loss of visual field. Shapes are 7/8" high.
A4161 $143.35
Construction Set in a Box. With 60+ solid-wood pieces, this col- orful set includes screws in a variety of sizes, eight square washers, four round pieces, eight cubes, a variety of plank/link lengths, and design ideas. In a slotted wooden box with plastic cover for orga- nized storage. Box is 14.5" x 12" x 2". Ages 4 and up. Latex free. 921209 $37.85
Bead Sequencing Set. Includes 45 multicolored beads and 10 sequencing patterns of varying difficulty. Beads are stacked on five hardwood 11/2" diameter dowels. Storage box included. For ages 4 years and up. Latex free.
920645 $37.65
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