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                                   Sensory Motor Pegboards
    Lauri Pegboards and Tall StackerTM Pegs. Tall, slim, unbreakable plastic pegs are easy to grasp and place. Each 25/8" peg fits smoothly into the crepe rubber pegboard, or atop another peg. No small parts, safe for preschoolers 2 and up. Pegs and pegboards sold separately.
836701 50 Tall Stacker Pegs $22.20
836702 100 Tall Stacker Pegs $38.90
836703 Giant Pegboard, 17", 196 holes
836704 Large Pegboard, 111/2", 100 holes $16.15
836705 Big Little Pegboard, 8", 36 holes $13.10
Stringing Pegs & Pegboard Set. High-quality string pegs are engineered for easy grasping. Kids simply place the pegs in the soft Lauri® crepe rubber pegboard to create a multi- tude of designs with laces. Set includes 24 pattern cards with varying level of difficulty, 48 large stringing pegs (21/2" tall), a 8" square 25-hole crepe rubber pegboard and laces in 4 different colors. Ages 5 and up.
565110 $25.20
Jumbo Pegs and Pegboards. With a height of 2", these pegs are easy to grasp and string. 83/8" square boards allow the pegs to sit firmly, yet they are durable and flexible.
• 100 jumbo pegs
• 12 laces
• Four 25-hole pegboards 553620 $99.95
Easy Grip Pegs/Boards. Colorful 17/8" high knob-shaped plastic pegs are easy to grasp and stack. Jumbo pegs provide easier manipulation. 25-hole rubber-like board (83/8" x 83/8" x 3/8") is durable and flexible, allowing pegs to sit firmly.
A85111 30 Standard Pegs and 25-Hole Board
A85114 100 Standard Pegs
   Sensory Motor
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Tall Stacker Pegs Building Set. A child’s first building set designed to expand the learning experience obtained from playing with the Tall Stacker Pegs and Pegboard and take it to next level. This three-dimen- sional stacking set teaches children to think ahead as they plan where they will set the peg to build the next platform as well as teach shape, size and color relationships. Includes:
• 100 25/8" tall stacker pegs
• 1 large 111/2" square, 100-hole crepe rubber pegboard base mat • 17 crepe rubber shape, size and color tower mats
561762 $51.50

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