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 Feeder Seat® Rover® Stroller. Provides proper support and positioning for the adolescent. The stroller frame combined with the Feeder Seat is an all-terrain solution. Rear wheels fold for easy storage.
• Seat angle adjust 90° travel position and 120° rest position • Rugged frame and large 121⁄2” pneumatic tires
• Extra-Large Feeder Seat features front 5” swivel wheels
• Rover stroller frame folds for storage
The Rover Stroller Frame may be ordered separately. Sorry, tray does not fit Large or X-large Strollers.
Sorry, tray does not fit Large or X-large Strollers.
4585 Medium Feeder Seat and Stroller 4587 Large Feeder Seat Rover Stroller 4586 X-Large Feeder Seat and Stroller 4585M Rover Stroller Medium (Frame only) 4587F Rover Stroller Large (Frame only) 4586XL Rover Stroller X-Large (Frame only) 458501 Tray for Medium Stroller
$1,550.00 $1,998.00 $2,200.00 $1,430.00 $2,282.95 $1,910.60
                                                                Pediatrics Feeder Seat Accessories Feeder Seat® System Accessories
Feeder Seat® Mobile Floor Sitter. Allows the caregiver to move or transport a child without repositioning. Ideal for children who are unable to ambulate, but can still mobilize and build lower extremity strength by moving themselves around. The Floor Sitter comes in three sizes. The Mobile Floor Sitter includes both the Feeder Seat (shown on facing page) and the Mobile Base.
With Antimicrobial Protection
Odor Resistance, Increased Durability
                    4444M 4542M 4542P
Medium, for children up to 48” (122cm) $674.65 Large, for children up to 60” (150cm) $814.05 Extra-Large, for adolescents up to 72” (183cm) $1,205.00
Feeder Seat® Mobile Base.
• Medium and large sizes are made of wood with Tumble Forms covering • Extra-large size is made of steel tubing
• All include easy rolling locking rear casters
 4444MC Medium Mobile Base 4542N Large Mobile Base 4542S Extra-Large Mobile Base
$357.75 $354.15 $551.06
Rolls easily on locking ball casters
    Tray for Feeder Seat® Systems. Use with the Feeder Seat Tray for learning tasks. The tray can be adjusted in both angle and height. Can be used with the Floor Sitter Wedge Feeder Seat and the Mobile Floor Sitter.
• Nonslip work surface measures: Small/Medium/Large 23”W x 22”D
(58 x 56cm) - X-Large 32”W x 23”D (81 x 58cm)
• Adjusts in height from: Small/Medium/Large 14”–20”
 (35.5–51cm) - X-Large 20”–30” (51–76cm)
2795T Blue
561931 Teal
561927 Purple
561929 Red     $879.20 X-Large
    $879.20 $879.20 $879.20
Cozzee® Cover for Feeder Seat Positioner. Provides comfort and absorbs moisture. Washable. One/pkg.
              2795TXL Blue 561932 Teal 561928 Purple 561930 Red
$879.20 $879.20 $879.20 $879.20
2785S Small 2785M Medium 2785L Large 2785XL Extra-Large
$84.00 $92.70 $98.15
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