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                                                               Pediatrics     Transport The Churchill. Introducing the first Belt
Positioning Booster for children with special needs who weigh 65 lbs. to 175 lbs. With a height capacity of 48” to 74”, it’s the natural choice for older children or young adults. All the details of this crash tested booster add
up to comfort, proper positioning, ease and safety. The Churchill prevents lateral move- ment, ride-up and slouching. A very low profile simplifies transfers in and out of automobiles.
Optional features include the, Stay-Put PommelTM, padded adductor straps, EZ-Up Headrest and EZ-Up Cap. With the EZ-UP Cap you will finally be able to keep your child’s head up! For correct Cap size measure the head circumference. Vest is required.
Shown with vest and optional pommel, headrest and cap
Churchill base vest, pommel and headrest, fully installed
   To size the Churchill, simply measure from
where the user’s bottom contacts the car seat
to the back of the upper calf. For the small
vest the chest circumference should be 32” or
less and greater than 32” for the large vest.
Note: When used with vehicles older than 2003, a Tether Mount is required.
081527043 15” Depth
081527050 18” Depth
081527068 Small Vest
081527076 Large Vest
081527084 Hip Inflection Wedge
081527092 Hip Inflection Comfort Pommel
081527100 Stay Put Pommel $156.58
081527126 EZ Up Headrest Cap, Medium (191⁄2”-211⁄2”)
$1,326.13 $1,326.13 $232.56 $232.56
081527134 Ez Up Headrest Cap, Large (21”-231⁄4”) 081527142 EZ Up Headrest $239.68 081527225 Tether Mount $84.64
081658871 Padded Adductor Strap
$76.46 $76.46
 E-Z OnTM Modified Vest. Enables children who are required to lie down when riding in a vehicle to be transported safely and securely. Shoulder adjusters enable the
vest to “grow” with the child or adjust for outer clothing, while crotch straps keep the lower hip strap of the vest positioned over the pelvis. An extremity belt is included to hold an arm or leg in position as needed. Secures with existing seat belts.
924398 X-Small (fits hips 18”-25”, ages 2-5) $298.75
924399 Small (fits hips 25”-32”, ages 5-12) $298.75
Buckle Guard Pro.
More universal than the
original Buckle Guard, the Pro fits the larger seat belt buckles in today’s cars, vans, SUVs and buses. It has a sleek design and, of course, the famous FDA-approved “Push and Turn” child safety cap used to secure the device. Slips easily onto belt buckle without tools. Works with car seats, booster seats and standard seat belts. Ideal for special needs kids and adults. Warning: This product is not a lifesaving device- serves only as a deterrent. Once child can open Buckle Guard Pro and access release button, stop using it immediately. 081558873 $13.82
Seat Belt Guard. This 2” x 2” plastic device fits over a standard seat belt buckle and hides the release button from young- sters curious eyes and fingers. It has a child-resistant, push-and-turn cap that can be opened easily by an adult. The Buckle Guard keeps kids buckled up while they are riding in a car. It’s portable—can be moved from one vehicle to another.
081522051 $15.65
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