Page 12 - CCC January 2018
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   Assign Duties
      There are many roles towards successfully creating a film. The team leader, or Film Director, will assign duties to the people within the Production House. The following roles are required in order to get your film selected for competition in China:
Note: Each of the 10 team members can support multiple roles, but having one lead team member for each function of the Production House is crucial for the competition structure in China.
Film Director
Visualize the script and guide the team in fulfillment of that vision.
Director of
Realize the photographic heart of the screenplay using stills, lighting, framing and camera movement. Will also operate the camera.
Tell us your story in movie form. Create the blueprint for the creative input of all the other Production House roles.
Sound Engineer
Capture the soundscape of the film and refine it. During production, record the sound on the set and on location and during post production balance the sound, mix it, edit it and enhance the pre-recorded audio.
Art Director
Fully realise the creative vision of the film and bring it to life. What will your set entail, costuming, etc...
Casting Director
The right actor can help to really embody a film. Find the ideal cast who will truly tell your story.
Set the mood and tone within the story as you execute the lighting plan.
Assemble the shots into a coherent sequence. Imagine the film as a final product.
Convince the public that your
movie is “the” movie to see. Find distribution avenues and a campaign to increase the interest of your release. Capture behind the scenes footage, good production stills, create a good video blog, and collect material for press kits.
Create a budget and ensure the film is completed within it. Think
of all areas where the film needs support- from the production, post production, marketing and travel costs of your Production Team
and Actors. Seek out sponsors
and work with marketing to create crowdsourcing campaigns.
Professor Supervisor
In order to be eligible to participate in the CCC you must find a professor/teacher supervisor. Their role will be to advise your team
and offer assistance (but not to get directly involved) during the various phases of the competition.
                                      Teams can be created by those within the same school, or through the internet, where teams can collaborate across programs and globally. Each team must have one teacher or professor supervisor in addition to the 10 from the Production House.

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