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    Diogo Parreira
President of JADE
Diogo Parreira is the current President
of JADE - the European Confederation of
Junior Enterprises and personally oversees
the departments of Strategy, Enlargement, Communication and International Relations. He is a student at Católica-Lisbon (Lisbon), pursuing
a Master in International Business, currently dedicated full-time to JADE. Before joining JADE, Diogo led the Portuguese Confederation of Junior Enterprises and his own Junior Enterprise - ISCTE Junior Consulting. He has been in charge of strategy definition related to the Junior Enterprise concept, fostering the enlargement of the concept to more countries and students in Europe. Apart from the Junior Enterprise movement, Diogo has worked in consultancy and was President of the Business Students Association of his university.
               Albey Alpízar
Head of Global Growth of the Junior Enterprise Global Council
Albey Alpízar is the current Head of Global Growth of the Junior Enterprise Global Council, being responsible to support the creation of
new Junior Enterprises in Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Asia, and Pacific. Albey was born in Costa Rica, where developed an athletic career
as a teenager and then moved to Brasil to study Industrial Engineering at Universidade de São Paulo (USP), where he started his career in the Junior Enterprise Network. He was Project Manager in
his own Junior Enterprise - EESC jr. and Head of Communications in USP Júnior - Association of Junior Enterprises of his University. Nowadays, he lives in JADE Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium to be fully dedicated to the global development of our network and overseeing the alignment through the global strategy.

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