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On December 18th, we held the third annual Health and Safety Game Show. There were 11 teams who competed in three knock out rounds. Each winner of the knockout round went through to the championship round and the highest scoring team of the rest also made it though.
The four teams that made it to the championship round were: • SLT
• Heavy Civil
• Asphalt Plants
• Ottawa Construction #2 (OC2)
It was a fierce competition and a lot of fun! The top four teams this year for the Game Show were:
• SLT with 9,400 points
• OC #2 with 8,300 points
• Asphalt Plants with 8,000 points
• HC with 300 points.
  Well done to the finalists and all the teams that participated. This was by far the most competitive game show to date. Also, a thanks to those that were spectators and finally to the Safety Team for putting a ton of effort into the show. It was fun, educational and we look forward to even stiffer competition in December 2021!
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