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An asynchronous online program where a student works on their subjects at their own pace, under the guidance of a certificated teacher. This path leads directly to a full Alberta Education graduation certificate
Parent Role
Parents are expected to be in the home supporting and encouraging the student during the school day.
Teacher Role
Teachers direct the program using Live Online lessons and the Canvas Learning Management System. They interact and assess subjects via live lessons, telephone, fax, Gmail, and work submitted. Teachers are available to help students at every step of the learning process.
Student Role
Students are encouraged to attend live online lessons, they are required to regularly contact their teachers via Gmail, fax, or telephone regarding assignments, projects, or exams.
Elaine Johnston MacMillan, Academic Counsellor 1-780-608-1750
5212 Railway Ave Vermilion, AB T9X 1C2
Office Phone: (780) 853-2188
 Toll-Free: 1 (888) 350-4673
 Fax: (780) 853-9798
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