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1. East Central Catholic School Division a. Division
b. Division Administration
c. Trustees
2. Home Base-Learning Programs
a. Vision
b. Mission
c. Values
d. Goal
e. Dimensions
f. Advantage
g. Successful Home-Based Education
h. Religion Permeation
i. Student Duties
2. Three Programs
a. Online Program - Teacher Directed
b. Share (Blended) Program - Online and Parent Directed
c. Home Program - Parent Directed
3. Program Details
a. Elementary Teacher Directed b. Junior High Teacher Directed c. High School Teacher Directed
4. Program Support
a. Teacher Directed
b. Shared Program
c. Home School Program
5. Religion Program
6. Inclusive Education Program
7. Learning Supports Appeal Procedure 8. Course Load Modification Procedure 9. Provincial PAT - Diploma Schedules 10. Parent & Student Information
a. Attendance Policy
b. Class Schedules
c. Work Completion Policy d. Coursework Policy
11. Canvas LMS - Learning Management System 12. Family Liaison Program
 SOH Handbook

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