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 Our Education Plan
Division Faith Goal - High Quality Catholic Education
  Division Faith Goal:
A Catholic Christian
Identity in a
Catholic Education
System, has one
outcome: Provide
opportunities for our
Jesus Christ in an explicitly Catholic environment throughout the division.
Our Education Plan
The plan consists of five goals: a faith goal for our division, as well as four other goals mandated by Alberta Education. For each goal, we specify what outcomes we want to achieve, what strategies we will use to achieve the outcomes, what targets we want to reach, and what measures we will use to assess our progress.
Alberta's Education system is continually seeking improvement. There are new professional practice standards for teachers, principals and system leaders, a major curriculum program renewal, a high school flexibility initiative, and new legislation and commitments to making schools caring, safe, and welcoming. Over the upcoming school year, ECACS will be engaging key stakeholders through community feedback activities. This engagement feedback will be used to develop Division and School Assurance Plans that align to the Division’s vision, mission, and values while adhering to the provincial goals, outcomes, and performance measures.
Key Strategies For Improvement
•Develop a survey for students, parents, and division staff to evaluate the performance of our strategies to trustees to encounter improve specific outcomes.
students, staff and
•Support the Mission and Ministry day themes: in activities and practices during the school year.
•Religion Lead Teacher supports religious curriculum integration through coordinating faith and social justice activities for students and staff across the Division.
•Evangelize community members through fostering a safe inclusive learning environment, prayer, liturgies, celebrations and retreats for confirmation and graduations.
•Review and integrate curriculum resources to support faith permeation across all grade levels and subject areas that align with REN, CCSSA, and Catholic bishop recommendations.
•Advocate for quality Catholic education by participating in local and provincial initiatives such as SPICE, CCSSA, ACSTA, Religions and Moral Education Council (RMEC), Marked By God, and GrACE committee events.
•Annual meetings with our parish priests and secretaries to support Catholic and service initiatives.
• Aligning COVID-19 safety measures with new strategies to maintain current and new community collaboration opportunities for both students and staff. (Voluntary Services, Social Justice Activities, Leadership classes, Youth groups, visits to Prairie Rose Centre, Mustard Seed, student involvement in celebrations Health and Wellness Champions).
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