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   East Central Alberta Catholic Schools Accomplishments ECACS Three-Year Education Plan and Annual Education Results Report
We value:
Lifelong learning and achievement.
The right to Catholic education and the responsibility it entails.
Strong and supportive relationships.
Each person as a child of God.
The gift of our resources. Our right and responsibility to our faith.
The previous Accountability Overall Summary Chart indicates that the Division maintained its standing in almost all measure category evaluation indicators and achieved improvement in many measures, and most notably in the following areas:
Safe and Caring Schools
Our current result is 90.6% ↓, an outstanding showing and the fifth year in a row with an excellent result in this area. Due to COVID-19 school re-entry guidelines the Division started the school year with schools celebrating Mission and Ministry Day faith celebrations at the school level. The Board and district leadership teams are participating in book studies focusing on Dr. David Tranter’s The Third Path resource. The Division continues to explore student and staff health and wellness, service, and faith programs that adhere to the provincial COVID-19 guidelines through a variety of local, Division, and provincial initiatives such as youth social justice groups, Leader In Me, REN, CCSSA, and GrACE events.
Student Learning Opportunities
The Program of Studies measure increased to 78.8% from 74.9% ↑, the Education Quality standard decreased from 92.4% to 91.8% ↓, the Dropout Rate increased to 4.3% and the Three-Year High School Completion Rate increased to 77.7% ↑.
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