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   Communication & Whistleblower Protection ECACS Three-Year Education Plan and Annual Education Results Report
Fostering Safe Collaborative Learning Environments
The 2018-2021 Three-Year Education Plan and 2019-20 Annual Education Results Report can be accessed on the ECACS website at In addition, contact information has been sent to community stakeholders and to parishes informing them of the website address and link. Copies of the 2018-2021 Three-Year Education Plan will be distributed to schools. Principals will communicate the plan to staff and their school council. Highlights of the 2018-2021 Three –Year Education Plan will be posted in school newsletters and shared with local parishes.
Whistleblower Protection
Section 32 of the Public Interest Disclosure Act (2013) requires that school authorities include their annual report of disclosures in their combined Three-Year Education Plan/Annual Education Results Report. The Policy and Requirements for School Board Planning and Results Reporting, April 2015 made this reporting mandatory for the submission of this and future reports. For 2019-2020, there were no disclosures made during this time period. (
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