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 Redness Rehab Rosacea Relief
Love this Product!! Within a few days saw a huge improvement of my skin. After a few weeks the redness is gone. Feels so great not to look in the mirror and see all that ugly redness on my cheeks!
Runway Ready Luxury Foot Treatment
I am on my second tube of this product & completely addicted. I am an athlete and my feet take a pounding every day from my workouts. This product keeps them in tip top shape - smooth & soft. They’re always sandal ready using this treatment. This product is not greasy and absorbs quickly. Another home run. Thank you Dermelect! Beauty P.
Nail Recovery System
I bought a kit when I took my artificial nails off. It was amazing how fast these products worked for my nails. They’re growing beautifully! I won’t use anything else on my nails but Dermelect products!! Marianne C.
Rejuvenail Fortifying Nail & Cuticle Treatment
Best Cuticle & Nail Cream! I have tried every product out there. It is hands down the best you can find. None of the rest seemed to penetrate like Rejuvenail does. It gives my cuticles the moisture they desperately need. Plus, it makes my nails the
Rapid Repair Facial Moisturizer
Love this moisturizer! I absolutely love this product. It leaves my skin feeling like velvet. I like waking up to a hydrated and
Launchpad Nail Strengthener
Great Nail Polish! It does what it says. Last longer and can
take a beating. Needed a polish that would last longer than a day, especially after cleaning the house and doing the dishes. The polish lasts at least last 3 to 4 days without a touch up. Cathy
‘ME’ Peptide Infused Nail Lacquers
Incredible Color! These colors show like they are in the bottle which is great! I have been a manicurist for 33 years and have never found polish that stays on nails for two week without chipping let alone one week! It is truly an amazing find for me and makes my clients happy without drying out their nails or chipping for two whole weeks! Thank you Dermelect! Jill
Makeover Ridge Filler
I just love this polish. I’ve never had polish last as long on my nails like this does and my nails are so much stronger and
strongest I have ever had.
Get Lifted Instant Face Lift
Instant gratification in a bottle.
Self Esteem Neck Firming Lift
Cheryl C.
Love this product! This eye cream is amazing. I have purchased many expensive eye creams to try to help combat my dark circles-I finally found the perfect one. I have very sensitive eyes and this does not bother them at all. Thanks for having such a wonderful product. Pamela M.
Smooth Lip Volumizer
Pout Plumper! Long lasting effect to the shape and fullness of my mouth. Makes my moderately thin upper lip more\shapley. China D.
Empower MP6 Anti-Aging Treatment
Seriously, nothing has ever made my skin feel this soft. I have maturing skin with texture and some sun damage so that says a lot. I needed this! Jerrine
I would buy this product again and again! I don’t know what magic Dermelect discovered for aging neck lines, but it’s all contained in this product. It works and I’ll keep using it. Ann
Susan F.
Janice L.
smooth face. I also love the subtle fresh scent is has.
Memento Manicure Extender
Amazing product! In awe of this product! It lasts a very long time for the wear. It’s able to withstand serious conditions. I have 5 kids (six if you count their father) and i deep clean my kitchen once per month. Last night was the night. I scrubbed counters, flooring, dishes, cabinets, my microwave, and stove... this product held up through it all. Still shiny and not at all stained! Thank you for this wonder polish! Brandi
Smooth Upper Lip & Perioral Anti-Aging Treatment
It really works! I’m so glad I tried it. The results are definitely cumulative. I’m using it am and pm, and the area is definitely softer. Its letting me enjoy lipstick again! Forever64
Micorfacial Exfoliating Masque
I did a facial on my boyfriend and myself. The results are insane. My skin has never felt softer! It’s so smooth. I can’t believe I’ve been sleeping on this for so long. I already love my Dermelect nail polishes, but now this is my favorite exfoliating mask! Ashley B.
Timeless Anti-Aging Daily Hand Treatment
Soft, Smooth Hands! What a great product! Makes my hands soft, smooth and non-greasy!! Mary M.
Resist Nail Bite Inhibitor & Restorative Treatment
OMG- this is a God-Send! Nothing has ever worked for me... Until now!!! I can’t tell you how happy I am that you made this product! It’s getting me to resist!!! Love it! Margaret
healthier than they have ever been.
Revitalite Eyelid & Dark Circle Corrector
Rhonda H.
over 150,000 online reviews
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