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When Lightning Strikes
 We asked ChatGPT to create a Lightning Policy & Procedure for a golf course. Now this would need to be customized for your location and you would want to have legal input / review, but in just a few seconds, this was created for us:
Lightning Procedure Policy for Golf Course
Policy Statement: The safety of our staff, members, guests, and visitors is of utmost importance to us. This policy outlines the lightning procedure to be followed at our golf course to ensure everyone’s well-being during severe weather conditions.
Monitoring Weather Conditions:
1.1 . We will closely monitor weather conditions by
using reliable weather forecast services and lightning detection systems.
1.2. Designated staff members will be responsible for receiving weather updates and informing others on the course about potential severe weather.
Lightning Warning:
2.1. A lightning warning will be issued when there is
a reasonable indication that lightning may be in the vicinity of the golf course.
2.2.The warning may be communicated through various means, including PA systems, sirens, radios, or other effective means available on- site.
Suspension of Play:
3.1. Once a lightning warning is issued, all players,
staff members, and visitors must immediately seek shelter.
3.2. Golfers should discontinue play and move to the nearest clubhouse, designated shelters, or other safe locations identified on the course.
3.3. Staff members will be responsible for ensuring that all players are aware of the lightning warning and guiding them to appropriate shelter areas.
Shelter Locations:
4.1. Golf course facilities, such as clubhouses, main-
tenance buildings, and golf carts, are considered safe shelters during a lightning warning.
4.2.Additional designated lightning-safe shelters will be clearly identified on the course and communicated to all staff members, players, and visitors.
Resumption of Play:
5.1. Golf course activities will only resume once
the lightning warning has been lifted and deemed safe by authorized personnel.
5.2. An “all-clear” notification will be issued to indicate that it is safe to resume play or return to the course.
5.3. Staff members will ensure that all players are informed about the resumption of play and any changes in course conditions, if applicable.
Communication and Training:
6.1. This lightning procedure policy will be
communicated to all staff members, including golf course management, groundskeepers, pro shop personnel, and marshals.
6.2. Regular training sessions will be conducted to ensure staff members understand the lightning procedure and can effectively implement it during an emergency.
Review and Updates:
7.1. This policy will be periodically reviewed to
ensure its effectiveness and compliance with current safety standards.
7.2. Any necessary updates or revisions will be made promptly to reflect changes in regulations, technology, or best practices.
By adhering to this lightning procedure policy, we aim to maintain a safe environment for all individuals at our golf course. Failure to comply with this policy may result in appropriate disciplinary action, as outlined in the club’s rules and regulations.
Date of policy implementation: [Insert date] Next policy review date: [Insert date]

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