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 At the 2022 Golf Business Canada Conference & Trade Show, a record number of delegates submitted ideas in advance for the Great Canadian Idea Share that showcased their best money-saving and revenue-generating ideas. The top 10 semi-finalists were chosen and they presented their ideas live during the event with delegates voting for their favourite ideas.
It was a competitive process with many creative and impressive ideas from members across the country. The top 4 finalist ideas will be featured in the
Golf Business Canada magazine. Compliments of Tee-On Software,
each of the 4 finalists received a gift card from Home Hardware,
with the winner walking away with a cool $5,000 gift card!
2022 3rd Place Idea
No Traditional Tee Colours
Dany Beausejour, Centre d’Activités et Golf le Sélect, QC
 We removed the red and white gender colours for the tee boxes, so that golfers now play with their talent, not with their gender. The focus is similar to the ski approach: easy, intermediate, expert and double expert.
It is essential to indicate on the scorecard which colour corresponds to the drive distances to guide golfers in choosing the most suitable tee-off point for their skill level. We implemented this approach 6 years ago, and have since observed that over 60% of male golfers now tee off from what was previously the red tee box, which is now designated as silver. We even have men playing shorter distances with the bronze tees, than they did with the old red.
This new system has significantly sped up the game during busy periods, maintaining a consistent pace of around 3 hours and 50 minutes to 4 hours and 15 minutes per round, without the need for marshals. This also results in substantial staffing savings and a more manageable workload for the remaining team.
Golfers experience fewer interruptions and faster rounds, which leads to greater satisfaction and fewer negative online comments about marshals or slow play. Golfers also report an average of 10 to 15 strokes less per game due to the reduced distances and easier approach to each green.
This change has also helped reduce pressure on golfers, particularly men, and makes the course more inviting for beginners and older players. This also creates opportunities to attract new customers. Additionally, it enables the golf course to offer more tee times each day, creating extra revenue without significant investment.
Adopting bronze, silver, gold and black tees has proven to be an excellent way to increase revenue and lower expenses year after year. For a minimal investment, the ROI is impressive, straightforward and easily achievable for any golf club.
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