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  With half the season already behind us, I cannot say that we have been spared from Mother Nature’s whims so far. From the forest fires that spread from British Columbia to Nova Scotia, to the recent floodings in parts of Quebec, we can say that overcoming adversity is our main strength as an industry. For those who have been touched by these events, your association is there to support you. A quick phone call to the head office or your Regional Director can provide you with some advice or assistance during these challenging times.
Having just returned from our largest National Board Meeting in beautiful St. John’s, Newfoundland, I thought this would be a good time to share with you how the association is structured. We are an association that has set an example for our integrated system through- out our industry, as well as outside golf. Many organizations across the world have reached out to us for advice on how to structure a system like ours.
We are ONE organization, with many departments throughout the country to reach one single goal from coast to coast. For the members, there is only one membership expense to cover all the benefits, including regional, provincial and national benefits. With our integrated system, each
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chapter has a CAB (Chapter Advisory Board) that represents the grassroots of the industry. Each CAB has a designated President that has a seat at the NGCOA Canada Board. This means that all provinces in the country have a representative at the national level. With this system, the strategic plan is developed from the bottom-up meaning that each department develops their strategic plan with the national board approval in July.
During the Summer Board Meeting, your NGCOA Canada Board reviewed and approved the budget and strategic plan for the 2023-2024 fiscal year. There are some exciting projects planned for our membership in the coming year, so stay tuned. I am also pleased to report that your association is financially sustainable and responsible.
There are a several chapter golf invitationals scheduled across the country for the next few months (see page 43). These are great opportunities to meet with your local peers and industry suppliers. I will be traveling to a few of these events and look forward to
spending time with members across the country. I hope to see you there and share a glass of wine with you.
Of course, I could not finish my article without highlighting that the National Conference that will be in my hometown, Montreal, from November 28-30th. Register today at conference., as last year’s conference sold out. The conference team always brings exceptional exper- iences to the attendees and once again, this event will likely sell out.
In the meantime, I would like to wish you a great end of season, filled with happy golfers.
Daniel Pilon, Owner
Club de Golf St-Zotique, QC
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 Message From The NGCOA Canada President • Daniel Pilon

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