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J. Gavan Fitzpatrick
Gavan is the General Manager at Eaglequest Grandview Golf & C.C., in Nova Scotia. He is a Past President of the NGCOA Canada-Atlantic Chapter and has been a Member of the PGA of Canada for over 30 years. Contact him at To find out more on the BLMGolf initiative please visit
at Grandview Golf & Country Club
As a golf professional, my main passion and self-reward comes from introducing as many people as possible to this wonderful sport of a lifetime, a sport that I have been lucky enough to enjoy my entire life, since I was 5 years old. We all know what golf can do and teach us ... it is a lot more than just the game; it helps us grow as individuals, it builds friendships that last a lifetime, it improves mental health and provides exercise for healthy living, and it is also a place of business where deals are made. I get to see this first hand, every single day.
Golf also teaches us confidence, honesty, integrity, respect, sports- manship, courtesy, perseverance, and judgement. As owners and managers, focus needs to be placed on diversity, equality, and inclu- sion for all with a strong focus on the 10-mile radius surrounding your course. The future of the game, your community involvement, along with your bottom line will be thanks enough.
I’m proud to say that I have worked for Eaglequest Golf Inc. now for close to 20 years, mainly because our owner, Nawaz Hirji, and his
son, Nafeez Hirji, have always had this outlook and strongly believe that “Golf is for Everyone”, with a special focus on community, family, and development of new golfers through their teaching programs across Canada.
Grandview Golf & Country Club was purchased by Eaglequest Golf in the summer of 2006. Grand- view is located in East Preston, Nova Scotia, and very close to the community of North Preston, which is the largest Black commu-

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