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Ravenshead Newsletter 03-2021 - 11

                       Councillors hold candle lit vigil

    Gedling Borough                                                                     Deputy Leader ,
    Council has marked                                                                  Councillor Michael
    the tragic loss of                                                                  Payne and the Mayor
    280 of its residents                                                                of Gedling, Councillor
    who have died from                                                                  Sandra Barnes said in a
    Covid-19, by                                                                        joint statement:
    creating a heart-                                                                   “This is a tragic
    shaped candle vigil                                                                 milestone for the
    in their memories.                                                                  people of Gedling. We
    The Mayor of Gedling                                                                have lost far too many
    alongside the Leader                                                                people, far too soon
    and Deputy Leader of                                                                and this is our way of
    the Council laid 280                                                                letting their families
    candles to remember                                                                 know all those who
    the 280 people who                                                                  have lost their lives in
    have lost their lives                                                               our borough are in our
    thus far in Gedling                                                                 hearts, thoughts and
    from Covid-19.                                                                      prayers. Each and
    The candles were lit on Valentine’s weekend and laid out at   every one of those 280 people who have lost their lives will
    the Civic Centre in the shape of a heart around the council’s   have families who, this Valentine’s weekend, will not be able
    crest to remember the husbands, wives, dads, mums,   to tell their husband, wife, father, mother, brother, sister or
    brothers, sisters, partners and loved ones who have died   partner how much they are loved and that is truly
    locally since the start of the pandemic.             heartbreaking.
    Plans are also being put in place for a memorial stone to be   Sadly, we know that the number of deaths will likely
    placed in the centre of Arnold so people can pay their   continue to rise locally before this pandemic ends. We must
    respects. The memorial will also be in recognition of the   all continue to do our bit by following the guidelines and
    service and sacrifice of our NHS staff, care workers and all   rules to protect our loved ones and to stay safe and well.
    key workers who have been there for us during the    Our deepest sympathies and condolences to all families who
    pandemic.                                            have lost a loved one. Let us keep those we have lost in our
    Leader of Gedling Borough Council, Councillor John Clarke,   hearts.”


   Again since the last edition of the Newsletter we have had no   the pubs also reopening we will be putting
   action to report on however the ever enthusiastic Chris Bovey   finishing touches to the 'club house' at the
   is putting the final touches to his race night plan.   Sherwood Ranger which we hope you'll all
    The race night enables us to not only to raise much needed   be able to enjoy.
   funds to maintain grassroots                                                   Sadly during January we
   football in the village but also                                               again had goal nets deliberately
   allows for a 'social event'                                                    cut for no apparent reason.
   thanks to the Zoom app.  We                                                    This is not the first time we
   do have capacity still to                                                      have been targeted with acts of
   welcome more people from the                                                   criminal damage and at a time
   village to join us on this event.                                              when due to the lockdown
   If anybody is interested then               HERMAN’S HERMITS                   many clubs and other sporting
   please make contact with us on                                                 societies are struggling to
   the email below.  Although the                                                 remain in business it is
   poster advertises fancy dress be                                               extremely disappointing to be
   rest assured it is not a necessity                                             targeted in this way.  To
   but done more for                                                              whoever it is who feels the
   entertainment value!                                                           need to do this we are welcome

   As with last year we aim to be                                                 to discussing what issue you
   in a position where we can aid                                                 have if you wish to make
   a suitable charity with a                                                      contact with us.
   donation from the race night.                                                  Follow us on Twitter -
   There is at the time of writing                                                @RavensheadF  -  Facebook -
   much speculation about schools                                                 Ravenshead Football Club  -
   and outdoor sports returning in                                                Instagram - ravensheadfc
   March so fingers crossed for                                                   Email -
   something on field to report                                         
   soon but with the likelihood of
                                                                              Ross Hardwick, First Team Manager
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